Singapore Airlines Flight Status – Pregnant Flight Attendants Will No Longer Stand The Danger Of Being Sacked

Singapore Airlines Flight Status

Singapore Airlines Flight status; Pregnant flight attendants will no longer be removed from work. It has been a culture for the airline to give cabin crew members unpaid leave when they are aware they are pregnant.

Staff would be told to quit once the child’s birth certificate is submitted.

After a leave has been granted, the affected staff will have to apply for their jobs again under a returning employee scheme. Nevertheless, no guarantee of re-employment.

Singapore Airlines Flight Status; Singapore Newspaper Reports Policy change

Pregnant cabin crew members will receive an unpaid leave for sixteen (16) weeks after which they will be automatically added to the next flight roster as reported by the Singapore newspaper ‘The Straits Times.

Moves have been made to further support our cabin crew members during and after pregnancy according to the memo received by staff and was seen by the newspaper. Administrative work-handling customer feedback is now a work that pregnant staff can apply to.

For temporary staff whose contract would be due to end while on leave, Singapore airlines will offer a one-year contract to temporary staff. According to The Straits Times, the new policy has been enforced since the 15th of July.

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Singapore Airlines Flight Status - Pregnant Flight Attendants Will No Longer Stand The Danger Of Being Sacked

Singapore Airlines Flight Status: Woman Right Activity

The women’s rights group in Singapore campaigned for a long while before the change came. They criticized the airline for discrimination while they toll for more job security for mothers that are expecting.

Part of the group is the Association of Women for Action and Research (AWARE)which welcomes the overdue policy change.

Singapore Airlines Flight Status: In Their Statement Made On Twitter;

“We welcome Singapore airline’s long overdue policy change that we are against previously. Nevertheless, this is a positive change, we are hopeful that Singapore airlines continue to support working mothers. We believe SIA will allow more flexible work arrangements and revisit its restrictive grooming standards”.

Singapore Airlines Flight Status: SIA Statement To Singaporean Website Mothership, Opine;

” SIA favours our new cabin crew during and after pregnancy. Cabin crew members expecting babies can choose to work in a temporary attachment ground from the time of the pregnancy before the delivery”.

It may go in between 3 months to 9 months, and at the end of their maternity leave, the cabin crew will resume flying duties. We will continue to work hard on our talented people so that they can give the premium service that Singapore airlines is existing for.

Qatar Airways in 2015 pins on a similar policy that toll cabin crew members may be dismissed if they get married or pregnant in the early 5 years of employment.

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