Typhoon Tokyo: Tokyo Experiences A Heavy Rainfall

Typhoon Tokyo

Tozai underground line suspended because of flooding. Tokyo is seen to experience heavy rainfall.
Many activities like train services, ferries and over a hundred air flights have been suspended. The flood did not only affect that, shops and businesses were shut down. Video circulating around reveals buildings with no roofs as a result of the flood and billboards that turn upside down. Typhoon Tokyo was a severe incident that has caused many people their lives.

Typhoon Tokyo: Nanmadol killed 4 people

It was broadcasted by CNN news that 4 people were killed and over 100s people were injured by the typhoon Tokyo. This happened on Sunday on the southern island of Kyushu. Japan sent forth rescue workers who warned of flooding after a very big storm hit the country in recent decades.

The flood affected the country’s electricity, it was reported that on Tuesday, one hundred and forty thousand homes were still without electricity. The storm that hits the country has been downgraded and has headed to the seaside after moving across the country.

Typhoon Tokyo: NHK state broadcaster

The NHK state broadcaster posits that one man was killed after his car sank in the flood. Another person was recorded after being buried in a landslide. More deaths were recorded but it was reported that there were no vital signs as to their death. Nothing less than one hundred and fourteen people have been injured. Out of the 114 people 14 of them are seriously injured. Typhoon Tokyo is a very serious one as it destroys homes, businesses and even transport.

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Typhoon Tokyo: The Prime minister has to monitor the storm’s impact

Fumio Kishida a prime minister slowed down a visit to New York City because of the flood. He stayed back to monitor the impact of the storm. As urgent as the matter is, he is due to give a speech at the United Nations General assembly, but he couldn’t go because of the storm.

Typhoon Tokyo

Tokyo Typhoon: Scientist prediction

La Nina is a natural phenomenon that will influence hurricanes this year as predicted by scientists. Climatic change will spring the intensity of hurricanes.
Their predictions also have it that, there will be warmer sea temperature in the Caribbean.

Tokyo Typhoon: 2018 mass destruction

It was recorded in 2018 that Japan has been hit by a powerful storm. 10 people were recorded to be killed and the storm leaves a landmark of mass destruction to buildings. Kansas an international airport was recorded to be flooded. This affected lots of people and put many in a jeopardy, they were eventually rescued by the deployment of speed boats to convey the passengers from the airport.

A strong wind was recorded in 2018 to push a tanker into a bridge which made the airport lose its link to the mainland. The destruction that happened then was named “jebi”. Jebi was recorded bringing down buses, coaches, cars, cranes and so all.

It was indeed a great disaster, people has to run for their lives during this hard period. Jebi storm was so vast that there was a total blackout because of the power line the storm has broken. Schools and businesses were closed, emergency teams were deployed to work on restoring services. Typhoon is now a common thing in Japan, looking at the cases in 2011 and 2013


Death tolls on 4 people as Typhoon Tokyo hits Japan. 144 people were injured in the storm, and 14 of them were severely battered. Power lines were cut by the storm making sure there is a perfect blackout across the city. Rescue teams were sent out to save the whole situation.

Scientists predicted that La Lina will influence hurricanes this year. Climatic changes will make hurricanes more intense this year. Going back to 2018, the typhoon Tokyo disaster occur and it was named jebi. Jebi flooded the airport and a speed boat has to be sent to save the people there. The flood affected businesses, transportation, lighting and so on.

It was a mass disaster as there was a blackout all over the place. Although, flooding or storms has become commonplace in Japan and this has made things extremely difficult for the country.

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