13-year-old Boy Left His Mother Lizzie Heartbroken As He Gets A Job To Help His Mother Out

13-year-old Boy Left His Mother Lizzie Heartbroken As He Gets A Job To Help His Mother Out

Single mum Lizzie Devine a 37-year-old was left by her 13-year-old son who considered getting a job to help his mother out with rising mortgage costs.

Lizzie Devine took a mortgage with her ex-partner in 2007 with Northern Rock. Northern rock collapsed the same year as its nationalization in 2008. She tried to re-mortgage but at that period she was pregnant and was deemed a risk, so, it wasn’t allowed.

Lizzie Devine

Lizzie Devine Mortgage Calculations

Lizzie had a mortgage rate of 4.88 per cent and its payment amounting to 584 euros. Now, it is seen to have risen to 5.38 per cent, Lizzie is now mandated to make a monthly payment of 648 euros.

Lizzie faced her worst nightmare as she considers herself a mortgage prisoner for the past 13 years. Her fear hung on the fact that she will be paying 700 euros when the mortgage interest rises. This she knows she can’t afford.

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Lizzie Devine Mortgage Calculations

13-year-old Boy Lewis Offered To Help

Lewis a 13-year-old boy of Lizzie Devine has offered her mom a helping hand by getting a job. He believed this will ease her worries. Lizzie was surprised at her kid wanting to help. She believed a kid should still be craving ice creams and his want to get a job should be for his luxury.

The boy wants to help out because he can see that his mother is struggling. The kid can see the working shifts and things that she had to do every weekend. She emphasised that are little kid noticed his friends are going without things compared to the previous year.

Now the issue Devine is facing is that her current mortgage lender is inactive, and now she is stuck with the current payments she made. Lewis has now started cleaning windows, washing cars, sell items on eBay to find money so his mother might cover the increasing costs of the mortgage.

The boy said he is not going again. He told his mother not to worry about it. The mother tried convincing him that she is doing it for his good and wanted him to have a good life. The 13-year-old now feels so bad asking for things from his mum and the kid believes that’s life. His mum said it is so heartbreaking to see her son grow up like that. A child needs to have things and also discover things but still, parents should be given a space to perform their role.

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