Elijah Dewitt Shot To Death, Two Suspects Arrested In South Carolina

Elijah Dewitt Shot To Death

Elijah Dewitt ’18’ went on a date with his girlfriend at a local Dave and Buster. Two suspects allegedly shot Elijah and officers said, they responded to the shoot on Wednesday around 8:15 pm.

Elijah was seen in a parking lot with gunshot wounds, he then was pronounced dead at the scene. In South Carolina, two arrests were made on Thursdays about 100 miles from the shooting scene.

Gwinnett Police Department Speaks On Elijah Dewitt’s Death

19-year-old Chandler Zion Richardson and 18-year-old Kenmare Bryan were charged by the Gwinnett Police department with felony murder, aggravated assault, malice murder and possession of firearms when committing the felony In relation to the murder of Elijah.

Investigators have come to the knowledge that the suspect knew each other and they believe an altercation took place before the shooting.

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Elijah Dewitt Shot To Death

They explained that the interaction between them was pretty fast and it moved from a shove to a gunshot within a second. Nevertheless, the investigation is still ongoing and we are trying to put the pieces together to figure out what led up to this.

Deputies book men into the Anderson County Center after several hours of interviewing the suspects. However, the motive for the shooting is still unknown, the police are trying all they could to find out everything about the situation.

Elijah Dewitt Shot To Death

Meet Elijah Dewitt

Elijah was a senior in high school and a football player in Jefferson located in Georgia in north Athens. The news of Elijah’s death is a shock to everyone, the school football program made a post on Facebook “we are heartbroken as we mourn the loss of one of our own”. The deceased will be buried on Wednesday as he will be surrounded by family and friends.

The family of the eighteen-year-old greatly mourn the death of their son and they hope justice is served. Elijah in his early life has made a lot of societal impacts and that is why there is a lot of pain for the victim’s parents as the boy is too young for such tragedy.

Even though the person that gunned him down is not known but to recent investigations the police are assuring the parent and the audience that the suspect will be uncovered and brought to book. Now, two suspects are already captured and there is a belief there is a link between them.

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