Cheney is fighting a tough contest to save her seat in the United States Congress


Cheney is trying to save her seat in the United States Congress since she voted the US ex-president Trump out of office. In revert to Cheney, Trump wanted to let her out of the republican congress politics.

Liz Cheney is widely known for being a setback to the former president of the United States, she is a representative of the United States Congress. In sore displease of the administration of Donald Trump, she stands as the face of Republicans for the anti-Donald Trump movement but this may mar her political carrier.

Donald Trump was attacked by Cheney and she did not stop to discuss the dangers the administration of Trump can put on the American Democracy. It is a certainty that the Wyoming republican wanted to choose a new republican. Donald Trump had endorsed Harriet Hageman to compete with her.

Harriet Hageman was previously with Cheney during the anti-Trump movement during which Harriet called Donald Trump a racist. Nevertheless, the best hope for her to get votes is the non-republican surge which votes distinctly. The allies of Cheney have been trying to make her win by courting the Democrats in the previous years.

To win this year is going to take Cheney a lot of effort, because, she would need thousands of votes. Donald Trump is against her rule because she probably may beat down the path of Trump to the Oval office. Cheney may still try to stop Trump even if her political endeavour is over since she was irritated by his governance and she tagged him as “xenophobia”.

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People’s race shouldn’t be a climax for choosing a political leader, the United States ex-president is seen as a racist because he discriminates between human races. The world is a global village that should be interconnected but he has turned it into a stage where everyone tries to feed himself. Cheney is not mindful of anything that may happen, come what may, she is ready to fight the battle to finish. If the Wyoming Republican choose another person, the fight between her and Donald Trump is not yet over.


She awaits what the Wyoming republican has in stock for her but she is trying all the best she could to secure a good vote number. Her opponent Harriet Hageman seems to be the most worthy opponent and will emerge at sight with the full support of Donald Trump. It is evident, that this is a political game that must be played intelligently. She knows it will be a great advancement for her political career if she wins the Wyoming Republican, at the same time it could be the last sight of her political escapades.

Cheney lost the Wyoming republican seat

It is at most painful that Cheney lost the congressional seat, she gave a heart-touching speech opening that Abraham Lincoln lost elections at his own time before he later win. She says that she is to continue her fight against Donald Trump. The battle seems to be unending but escalates the more since Trump has succeeded in making her opponent win against her.

She did not resent her decision which made her lose gallantly at the election, now, Cheney’s next life chapter is yet to be revealed but her struggle to safeguard the American democracy is just getting started.

Cheney posed that Donald Trump will never step his foot to the oval office even after her loss. Donald Trump intentionally endorsed Harriet so as to make Cheney lose, allowing him to step on his feet in the Oval Office.
I perceive a tidal war between Donald Trump and Cheney, it is evident that if Donald Trump is not strong-willed enough, it is possible he never set his feet in the Oval office.

Wrapping up

An ultimate battle sets between Donald Trump and Cheney as she cast a vote against him and also forms an anti-Trump group kicking against his presidency, she notes him as a racist. Donald Trump is politically biased as he favours race, Cheney sets to protect the American democracy by going against him. Her political career is at risk after she lost gallantly in the Wyoming elections.

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