Missing Teenage Leah Croucher Is Found

Leah Croucher

The police department found body remains while in search of Leah Croucher “a teenager” that has been declared missing since 2019. 3½ years ago, Leah Croucher was seen in Milton Keynes after a tip-off from members of the public, the police have been searching a house less than a mile away.

A murder probe was launched today by Thames Valley police after the forensic teams and specialist officers found personal possessions and a rucksack at the house in Loxbeare drive.

The police have now reported that human remains were also seen in the house. Wallboards were seen being carried from the property and a blue forensic tent was hung in the garden. This made the people say detectives are more focused.

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Leah Croucher

Leah Croucher: Detective Chief Superintendent Says

We have never been alerted to the house previously despite being 500 yards from where the was seen last, says the head of crime for themes valley police. Nevertheless, the first call was from a member of the public. That call marked the first time we were alerted to this address. In the end, we appreciate them for reporting their worries, says Ian Hunter (Detective Chief superintendent).

He tolls forward that when we were still on the search, we have placed so many officers and staff for her search. They have been busy reviewing 1200hrs of CCTV footage.

The owner of the house would return annually as no one lives in the house full time, says Olga Kapilova (Neighbour).

Leah Croucher

Leah Croucher: Olga Kapilova Says

At IT news she said we haven’t seen them since 2019 because of the covid I guess. Surely I know it’s their summer house yearly. She continued that she only saw that the road was blocked by the policemen as of Monday. She is not aware of the details of the investigation. She said; I was shocked to be candid, I know it’s safe here.

In Loxbeare Drive, one former neighbour remembers the police carrying out a house-to-house investigation to make an inquiry. She continued that the week after Leah croucher vanished, an officer came knocking on my door. I recognise him because he was a community officer.

He sought information asking if I have seen or heard anything from Monday, February 15. He asked to meet up with my husband but my husband is not around. So, the officer left and promised to come back whenever my husband is around. Leah Croucher’s disappearance is worrisome and I have to order security cameras to be fixed in our house.

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