“I am so moved to tears right now,” Actress Biola Bayo pleads for help as she suffers a huge setback

Biola Bayo, a Nollywood actress, is going through a difficult moment in her career.

The actress/producer Biola Bayo disclosed on her Instagram page that her current film had been removed from all platforms. According to Biola Bayo, the film was uploaded without a final edit and had to be removed from YouTube.

Biola Bayo said she was encouraged to let it slip because it had already been uploaded, but she refused because she did not want to compromise.

Biola Bayo went on to say that she was moved to tears after being advised that she shouldn’t expect anything from the film anymore. She trusts God and her followers and coworkers to help her through it. Biola Bayo asked them to help her stream and download the movie so she could make amends for her loss.

Biola Bayo

“Congratulations to me Biola Bayo and all my true fans!” On Sunday, my film ASILO will be re-released on YouTube. I’m in tears right now since I’ve been taught not to anticipate anything from the movie… But I have faith in God! He never disappoints me. I believe you (my loyal fans and colleagues) will show me love in this film.


ASILO was removed from YouTube because the video posted was not the final edited version. I was encouraged to let it go because it had already been uploaded, specifically to get my money back, but I refused because I didn’t want to compromise. I’m counting on your aid, everyone, so please help me watch and share.”

Mide Martins sobs as a result of a film setback before Biola Bayo

In related news, Mide Martins had the same setback. Afeez Owo’s wife was sad after suffering a significant defeat in the film business.

The actress, who was meant to be overjoyed about the release of her film Onitemi Part 2, was left distraught after sequences were deleted from the film. Following the critiques, she was forced to remove the film, incurring a significant financial loss for herself and her producers.

Mide Martins begged the world to re-watch her film and show her love, with the support of her husband, who was soothing her. She explained why the movie was removed by saying she didn’t like how some sections were edited out.

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