Brittney Higgins Trapped Emotionally As She Was Allegedly Raped Inside Parliament House In Canberra

Brittney Higgins

Brittney Higgins ‘ an Australian political staffer in the previous years’ says she felt not human but trapped when she was allegedly raped inside the parliament house in Canberra.

Bruce Lehrmann sexually assaulted Brittney Higgins in March 2019. It is said that she was drunk and asleep in the office of the government minister.

Brittney Higgins: Bruce Lehrmann Denies (Court Case)

Bruce Lehrmann said he and Brittney Higgins did not have sex at any point in time. Nevertheless, high-profile witnesses will be called upon as he faces trial in the Canberra court this week. In court, Higgins said she had only known Bruce Lehrmann for less than a month before he allegedly rape her on the 23rd of March. Although, she said he tried kissing her after a work event.

In the recorded police interview that was played to the Jury, Brittney Higgins said Bruce Lehrmann and she only agreed to share a ride home after chilling with their friends. Nevertheless, they stopped at the Parliament house.

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Brittney Higgins

Brittney Higgins emphasised that she was the drunkest that night and had passed out on the couch. She emphasised to the police that she woke up and found Bruce Lehrmann having sex with her.

He just kept going and attested that she didn’t scream but there was obviously an urgency to it. This is what she said in 2021 during an interview. Bruce Lehrmann quickly rushed out of the office after the whole thing. Brittney Higgins said she didn’t utter a word to him.

She slept after the whole event and woke up hours later with her dress adjusted around her waist. She told the police she went home and cried all weekend. Nevertheless, she couldn’t keep it to herself, she opened up to senior staff members that she has been assaulted.

Brittney Higgins

Police separately interviewed Brittney Higgins and she said she was nervous about telling her superiors about what happened as she was scared to death not to lose her job. She emphasised that the distance between her and the man is broad.

On April 19, her junior heard she had reported the case to the police but later withdrew her complaint because she is scared that her job will be at risk. Two years later ‘in 2021’ the case was re-opened in February after conducting interviews with two different journalists.

Brittney Higgins prosecutor told the Australian Capital Territory Supreme Court that the victim was so intoxicated and wouldn’t have had the strength to consent to sex. The accused says there was no form of sexual engagement between the two. Nevertheless, the trial is meant to last for six weeks.

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