‘He fell asleep and did not wake up.’ – Sadness as Funke Akindele’s ex-husband, JJC Skillz, mourns the death of his brother, Steve Osagie

Abdulrasheed Bello, best known as JJC Skillz, Funke Akindele’s estranged husband, has just lost his manager, Steve Osagie. Steve Osagie is a music industry consultant and professional located in the United Kingdom with over 18 years of expertise in fostering and managing musicians.

He has also managed and worked with JJC Skillz as a partner and brother for over 20 years. The soft-spoken music promoter died in his sleep in the United Kingdom, according to evidence received.

“Rest well, my brother,” JJC Skillz captioned the Instagram shot he posted. According to Tunde Ednut, Steve Osagie also left a remark on his page a few hours before the news of his death.

Someone commented on my page yesterday, but I haven’t heard from them since. So, what are people supposed to do? @stevespotlight, REST IN PEACE.

Steve Osagie

Just make us do excellent. We have no idea what will happen in the next hour. “He wasn’t ill or anything; he simply slept and that was it,” he wrote. Steve Osagie, who has over 15 years of experience in the music industry, explained in one of his most recent interviews how he identifies talents in their raw form.


He stated, “I have come to appreciate that skill contributes between 10% and 20% to industrial success.” I can determine if someone is going to be successful based on their work rate, demeanour, and character strength. You may be skilled, but if your character is lacking, you will not find many people willing to support or vouch for you.

You won’t obtain that organic affection for yourself and your music until you have a lot of money to spend and spray about. Steve Osagie, a well-known personality in Nigerian music artiste management, also shared his thoughts on the proliferation of songs with irrelevant substance and lyrics.

Steve Osagie

He stated that music is subjective. I am a purist who appreciates outstanding songwriting. I admire artists who have a message to convey. However, music is a mirror of what individuals are going through at different times and periods.

Music is a form of expression. I will never stop somebody from expressing themselves in whichever way they choose. Some people want to talk about love, while others prefer to make music about having fun.

Others desire to write and sing about their personal experiences. As a result, an artist may not compose the same topic years apart. As a result, music is subjective.

When you write music that you enjoy and want to listen to, you can be sure that one or two million other people will enjoy it as well. You might not know what others like and dislike. Simply write your song and release it.

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