“Davido and his siblings are a blessing to their parents,” Netizens gush over Adeleke’s

Netizens have gone to social media to express their admiration for famous musicians David Adeleke, often known as Davido, and his siblings. This follows the virtualization of a video of his sister, Sharon. Sharon revealed in the video why she isn’t entirely reliant on her father’s money.

Despite having an affluent father, the businesswoman said she is regularly asked why she works so hard. Sharon believes she should be able to thrive because she went to college, received a master’s degree, and had a functional brain.

Children of billionaires, princesses, and ambassadors, among others, attended Sharon’s school. They were always honest that they just had affluent parents and hadn’t generated any money. The entrepreneur added that she adopted the same mindset, which helped her recognize that the things her father provides her are gifts that must be adequately treated.



Sharon highlighted the importance of being able to develop money to offer her children the same opportunities she had as a youngster. In another video, Davido discussed becoming the first member of his family to pursue a career in entertainment. “You either work for my Dad or his affluent pals,” he says.

Netizens applaud Adeleke

In response to the videos, social media users went to numerous platforms to praise Davido and his brothers for their hard work, despite their family’s affluence. According to one Ziionline user, this man’s children are a godsend to him. They’re all working and earning their own money… They are accountable.

One adoreth Joe remarked, “One of the qualities I love most in our family is humility.” God bless you even more. Another social media user said, “They were reared well, and it shows they are all working hard for their money.” Dr Adeleke did an excellent job raising his children.

More information about Adeleke

Adedeji Adeleke (born March 6, 1957) is a Nigerian businessman and the president of Adeleke University. He also serves as the CEO of Pacific Holdings Limited. He is the father of Nigerian artists Davido and Sharon Adeleke. He married Dr Vero Adeleke, who died on March 6, 2003. Ademola Adeleke, his younger brother, is the governor-elect of Osun State.


Sharon Adeleke is Davido’s elder sister; she was born on March 28th, 19, to Adedeji Adeleke and Veronica Adeleke. She is the proprietor of the famed Rona Wigs; despite being born into wealth, Sharon believes her father’s money is not hers; she also believes in hustling out her money like her younger brother, Davido, does.

Many people feel that if you are born into money, you do not need to start your own business because you were born into a wealthy family full of inheritance. The Adeleke Family is an exception to this belief, with many of them not even engaging in their family’s company and amassing large fortunes. 

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