As they celebrate their 14th wedding anniversary, IK Osakioduwa makes a request to his wife, Olu

IK Osakioduwa, a media celebrity and compere, sent a romantic anniversary letter to his wife, Olu Osakioduwa. Today, October 3rd, the couple is enjoying their 14th wedding anniversary.

In a long essay, IK Osadiouwa detailed how he first discussed marriage to his wife. He admitted to his wife that he could picture them remaining friends for the rest of their lives. Ik expressed his delight that nothing has changed over the years, and he continues to feel the same way.

Anniversary greetings

The host highlighted the romantic activities he would want to perform with his wife. He urges them to keep talking, listening to one another, learning about themselves daily, shooting romantic images, and going to photo shoots.

So this is how we’ve been married for 14 years now? Wow! We’re getting close to being a serious pair. I recall the first time I mentioned marriage to you. I told you then that he and I could be friends for the rest of our lives. I’m overjoyed that 14 years later, I still feel the same way. There has been no change (apart from the color of your hair: every month). You’re still the one I’m looking for (even with your skoin skoin). Let us keep this continuing.

IK Osakioduwa


Let’s keep talking, listening to each other, and learning about ourselves and who we’re becoming daily. Let’s also snap some more images together. I realized we don’t have nearly enough. Let’s even go to photography studios. I adore you, marijuana. ‘Here’s to FOREVER,’ they say.

IK Osakioduwa Thirteenth wedding anniversary

IK Osakioduwa made thirteen loud and comforting pledges to his wife last year amid the ecstasy of their 13th wedding anniversary. IK Osakioduwa, the anchor of Comedy Nites, published images of himself and his wife on his verified Instagram account.

IK Osakioduwa

He titled them as follows: After thirteen years. You’re still the beautiful female in the room (but you’re not about it) and the most passionately loyal person I know (emphasis on the fierce) You still want to establish hard man, hard guy relationships (but a small thing like a popped balloon can bring you to tears)

I’d like to make a few promises to you regarding the coming years:

  1. I’ll never leave the house without telling you I love you (even if I’m mad at you).
  2. I’ll always tell you how lovely you are (I’ll occasionally lie to accentuate this point, but not frequently).
  3. I will never try to persuade you to change (Maybe improve you but not change you)
  4. I’ll make a greater effort to read my school emails (they too should try to reduce them)
  5. I’ll do my best not to destroy your diet.
  6. I’ll work hard to make sure your dream trip comes true.
  7. I’ll continue caressing your filthy back until I fall asleep (but seriously we should check that out)
  8. I’ll try not to grumble about the horrible reality shows you watch.
  9. I’ll let you do it on your vacation. You can spend as much time as you like indoors.
  10. I’ll keep admiring and snatching the South African spec…
  11. I’ll keep teaching you how to unleash your inner bad girl.
  12. I’ll go through the areas where you have difficulty.
  13. I will always adore you.



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