Review of Game of Thrones Prequel House of the Dragon

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It’s Game of Thrones time again, and the film has started generating the buzz it created in the original release. Critics have tried to find answers in the first reviews of the passionately anticipated new series – but the answer given looks so inconclusive.

Review of Game of Thrones Prequel House of the Dragon

The Times went all out in awarding the prequel to Game of Thrones a five-star rating and praised the new show for being “visually sumptuous, well-acted, effectively written, and cleverly pitched.”
According to Ben Dowell, It will be “easy to grasp for anyone who hasn’t seen a second of Game of Thrones but cheeringly familiar to people who have watched the whole thing.”

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The Los Angeles Times also agreed that the new House of the Dragon “recreates the original’s power and grandeur.” The spin-off “immediately puts viewers into the relatable sights and sounds of the Game of Thrones universe,” Lorraine Ali wrote. 

Inkoo Kang of The Washington Post said the show proves itself and brings almost the same aura as the original, “This is not immediate.” It is “it is rocky at the start,” and “the first three releases are extensive in their plotlines and turgid in pacing,” Kang wrote.

Reviewers had to go through the six episodes (ten in the first season) released to them to have a proper submission and “finish putting all the pieces on the chessboard,” she said. ‘Needs to find its voice.’

The majority of the time I spend watching is in King’s Landing, which is quite different from the original series’ use of scenes from various locations, according to Fienberg. “In this one, there’s a lot of Targaryens and also a lot of incest.” Feinberg noted, “a lot that’s impressive in the first six episodes.” But he added: “The production needs to find its voice, but if that voice doesn’t change from focusing on the Targaryens, then it’s fine, and winter may be coming for my once burning curiosity.”

New York Times reviewer Mike Hale said the show is “reasonably smart and well put together” and is “firmly focused on palace intrigue.”

Fans of the HBO big hit are hotly anticipating the film’s release.  There surely will be more criticisms and praises when the general public gets to see the episodes. House of the Dragon launches on Sunday on HBO and HBO Max in the US. On Monday, the launch will happen through Sky Atlantic and Now in the UK.

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