“We’ve had a long history together.” Yul Edochie promises to reveal mysteries in honor of his elder brother, Leo Edochie

Yul Edochie, a Nollywood actor and politician, has paid homage to his elder brother, Leo Edochie. The first son of famous actor Pete Edochie and his wife, Barrister Mrs Josephine Edochie, is Leo Edochie. The pair also had four sons and one daughter, with actor Yul Edochie being the youngest.

Yul Edochie posted a rare photo of himself and his brother, Leo Edochie, on their parents’ 53rd wedding anniversary. Yul Edochie explained that he and his brother had a long history together.

Yul Edochie wrote an appreciation message for him, promising to provide his admirers with all the information they need about their connection. He thanked God for his parents’ and every member of his family’s lives, as well as the lives of their family’s loves.

Yul Edochie


The first and final son. With the Legendary Father watching. Blessed be your family. My brother Leo Edochie, I adore him. Big Leo is his nickname. We have a long and illustrious history together. I’ll get to the meat of it later. For now, I just want to thank God Almighty for my parents’ and every member of our family’s lives. Thank you to everyone who cares about the Edochies.

Yul Edochie makes amends with his brothers

Yul Edochie had a falling out with his brothers following his marriage to Judy Austin. According to media accounts, his brothers were dissatisfied with his decision to marry a second time.

But, because blood is thicker than water, the brothers reunited and patched things up. The actor and his elder brothers had invaded his oldest brother’s Chieftaincy function.

In Port Harcourt, Leo Edochie was awarded a chieftaincy title, and his four brothers were all present to support him. The actor, who was seen in a video with his siblings, revealed that Pete Edochie’s 5 kids had not been seen together in a long time.

My four brothers and I wrote, “The last time we got together like this was a long time ago.” Our eldest brother was handed a chieftaincy title in Port Harcourt on Saturday, and we were all there to support him as brothers. It was an unforgettable experience.

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