Mikhailo Dianov Lost 4ib During Some Months Of Detention At The Russian Prison

Russian Prison

During the war, Mikhailo Dianov was detained at the Russian prison for the duration of 4 months. Now, it is revealed that he lost 6st 4Ib within the four months at Olenivka prison.

Russian Prison: What Happened To Mikhalo Dianov?

It was revealed in the news that the Ukrainian prisoner was starved, tortured, and beaten in camp-style conditions by the Russian soldiers.

Olenivka prison ’42’ explains how he is staying with 800 other inmates. On the norms, that prison shouldn’t hold more than one hundred and fifty people plus the beating he received all day long.

Russian prison

Russian Prison: How Mikhalo Dianov Was Captured

A few months back after the war he went out with his friends to steelwork which is the last bastion of residence in south Ukraine, the city of Mariupol.

Sky new interrogated him and asked if he feared dying in captivity. He responded that he and the other inmates there think about it daily. He said the thoughts begin to come when he was at the Azovstal steel plan.

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Russian Prison

Russian Prison: How Was He Released?

215 prisoners were released according to the news. Dianov was among them, the country and Ukraine agreed on a swap and that was how he was released.

He said after a month of hunger when he closes his eye, he forgets his family, country or any other thing. He said the only thing that will be on his mind is “when will I eat”.

The Russians only gave them 30 seconds to eat everything they can, making it impossible to eat. The bread that was given was deliberately made hard and those people whose teeth were removed couldn’t eat on time.

Russian prison

They treated them like an animal, once the thirty seconds is complete, you have to stop, get up and start running. That is how he has been living for the past four months at the Russian prison. It is indeed a bitter experience.

After his release, it was difficult for him to walk because of the cramped leg condition in the Russian prison. His broken arms were treated with pliers and no anaesthetic. On the day of his release, he was stripped naked and forced to squat for 5 hours. Dianov then travelled for thirty-six hours with his eye tapped/covered. He has no idea where he is headed.

He said a lot of things have lost their value to him, although everyone was traumatized, nevertheless, he considers himself mentally strong. Other Ukrainians which amounted to 200 were swapped for the pro-Russian leader Viktor Medvedchuk.

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