30+ Protesters From Just Stop Oil Has Been Arrested For Glueing Themselves To The Roads In Trafalgar Square London

Trafalgar Square London

30+ protesters from Just Stop Oil have been arrested for staying on the roads in Trafalgar square London. They were arrested by the metropolitan police because of willful obstruction of the highway after traffic was blocked near Trafalgar square London.

The protesters were seen to lock themselves onto the road at the white hall at midday with traffic only allowed to pass at 2 pm. Specially trained police officers came by to detach protesters from the road and were packed into a police van. Video circulating online revealed some being limply away while the others were dragged.

Trafalgar Square London

Trafalgar Square London: Catherine Rennie Nash Statement

Catherine Rennie Nash aged 72 was part of the demonstration. She purported that the protest was about asking the British government not to allow one hundred and thirty new oil and gas licenses in the North sea.

The woman said the problem the protest caused is mild to the big problem that will happen when the climate breaks down if the country continues like this. She continued that they all know it is civil resistance that has shown to be effective even right from history.

Trafalgar Square London was disrupted for two hours thereby, making the passengers drop off the bus conveying them to their nearest destination.

We have to get off the bus and walk. The protest is so stupid and futile says Russell Wibrew aged 77. The woman continued that the freedom she is agitating for is peace and not disruption. She emphasised that disruption in the general public is not acceptable in any way.

The protesters have also blocked a road in the Westminister with 50+ people arrested.

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Trafalgar Square London

Different Reactions to the protest at Trafalgar Square London

Different reactions were seen as some of the people applauded the protesters while others hurled at them to get a job. They even appreciated the police for removing them forcibly.

There are other ways to protest than sticking yourself to the tarmac says Lynn Jones aged 65 in south London. She continues that the United States taxpayers are paying for idiots to be removed from the pavement.

Trafalgar Square London

The protest held this week we’re held in response to the plan by the North Sea Transition, USA (NSTA). The aforementioned body stands to represent the United Kingdom’s offshore energy sector. The body is going to launch is a further round of gas and oil which will be licensed in November.

Jacob Rees Mogg, “the business and energy secretary has approved the plans. He said in place of the Ukraine invasion by Putin, he toll that strengthening our energy security is the most important thing at hand.

Just Stop Oil are alerting the federal government to immediately stop all future licensing for the exploration, production and development of gas and oil in the United Kingdom.

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