Afrobeats star Skillz 8Figure drops new EP "Phones on silent"


Afrobeats star drops a fantastic song called “Phones on silent”. This is the fourth piece of music from the uprising artist. The new music drop is a mixture of Afrofusion and R&B that opens his fans to another adorable atmosphere.

The new sensual song dropped will move listeners to another realm, making them tune their phones to silence while being driven by their fantasy through a magic melody and lyrics. The message of the song is love and desire, and the conveyer passed the message across powerfully.

The Afrobeats star dropped Delilah previously, which he was assisted by Kelvyn Boy, gives a moving package to expect from Phones on Silent. The skilled Afrobeats star broadens his incredible song templates as he ditched out low-pitched background vocals giving the song a sensual sonic atmospheric opening. The song discusses stunning topics like sex, spiritual life, vibrations and energy. The song is deployed in an unusual way commanding the human mind to enjoy its tone and dance to its rhythm.

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All about the Afrobeats star “Skillz”

The Afrobeats star skillz8 figure recently impressed the scene with his sophomore project and debut album. The star stays in Accra but was originally from Sierra Leone. He has it at the back of his mind to take his career to the next level. Skillz is 24 years of age and believes he has something tangible to offer the people. The singer is not affected by the competitors because he focuses solely on his area.

Intimidation has been a forgone alternative for the singer. He said the way I think and create competition has never really been a factor for me. He says everything is happening inwardly, and he is not looking outside. He continues that focuses on his song when he is at the studio.

Skillz describes his Afrobeats song as coastal music. His description comes as a result of the purpose of the song. He says you can listen to the song at the beach and coast even if you are not at the place. His songs open you to another realm, making you feel you are at the beach or coast.

People place the Afrobeats star on a high hill, he purports that in other to be in the place people have placed him, he had to be where people know him the most. Skillz is born in Sierra Leone and he moved to Maryland in the United States after which he settled in Accra Ghana. He opines that he has always wanted to sing but Accra is the region he acts on what he has been talking about.

His nomadic lifestyle portrays how he was influenced when he was creating, citing the trap scenes in the United States. This has been his earliest experimental music. While taking note of his Afrobeats, this has been the practice that has always held his sound no matter where he may find himself in the world.

Skillz is good at collaborating with other artists when working on an excellent project. He worked on a song where he had to collaborate with Enam and Melissa. He says he is friends with Oxlade. He says he doesn’t have control over how to reach his audience, and this has been the major problem the Afrobeats star is facing.

The Afrobeats star hangs on the fact that Get Rich or Die Tryin is the best album of all time for him. He opines that another hot song may be dropping in the summer. He is pretty sure he is going to blow people’s minds with it.

Wrapping up

Skillz 8-figure drops a fantastic song which will pool the strings of his viewers/fans. This music resonates with the mind as it portrays love and strong desire. This is the fourth song of the Afrobeats star and it is a mixture of R&B with Afrofusion. This fantastic combination opens the mind of his fans to another suitable atmosphere which draws significantly on the music melody and lyrics.

He dropped Delilah previously, which stunned the mind of people listening to the music. The music is hot and, for such opens the minds of people to endless possibilities stunning them into a new magical desire.

Phones on silent is a domineering song for the Afrobeat star that shouldn’t be missed. A complete song to stir the mind of people generally and help them feel fantastic. Hop on another adventure by brazing your heart with an incredible humorous song ready to stun your existence.

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