Newly Introduced Fake Housemate, Modella was given a new task by big brother


The big brother Naija season 7 game, has taken a new twist as big brother introduced two housemates into the house on Sunday, Deji and Modella. The two housemates are said to be immune from eviction.

Modella on a secret task

One of the fake housemates, Modella, has been given a secret task by the big brother, and this task is to try scattering the “Ships” in the big brother’s house. The big brother who asserted the housemates are becoming slightly distracted from the game, by their love brouhaha, has devised a new format of keeping their heads up, focused on why they signed up for the show. And the agent for this task is Modella.


Modella was a bit sceptical about taking on the job, due to the fact that the housemates, especially Daniella and Khalid, have been very good to her, ever since she came into the house on Sunday. But the big brother wasn’t in for any of that, he wanted his task done, and it had to be done, no matter who was involved. 
He ordered her to carry out his assignment and make sure she scatters the love birds, in his house, in whichever non-violent means she can.


Modella, who sure didn’t like the task given to her, tried diverting big brother’s attention from the topic on the ground to her birthday coming up this Monday. The Lagos-based YouTuber told “Biggie” that she wanted that day to be specially cut out for her, but biggie immediately cut her short, by telling her to focus on the secret, he just assigned her. But assured her, that the issue of her birthday will be discussed in due time.

The two “ships”, we think Modella will try breaking are Khalid and Daniella, Groovy and BeautyThese two ships have captured the hearts of viewers, and are fast becoming big topics of discussion, around social media. 

In a similar development, Fans have expressed concern over a viral video of a housemate, Hermes, who was caught muttering words to himself. Hermes, who won the position of “Head of the house” on Monday, has kept his fans in worry, over his mental health in that very disturbing clip, where he was found, speaking to himself, all by himself, with his eyes closed.

Netizens and fans of the housemate, have pleaded with big brother, to check up on Hermes, while praying that this doesn’t result in his voluntary eviction out of the house.

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