Nollywood actresses dragged and questioned by Ali Baba over their source of wealth

Nollywood actress

Nollywood actress was dragged by Ali Baba, a standup comedian, he put a question thus: “how do you Nollywood actress amass wealth”.

Ali Baba is really surprised to see a young Nollywood actress who started their acting career not quite long. He was stunned to see them buy houses for about 45 million Naira in Lekki, and he said how many movies have you done that got you that kind of money?

The standup comedian is surprised and irritated about how many of these actresses come online to brag, putting some young people in tension. He says he sees some Nollywood actresses sell products which is still a normal pool to support their acting careers.

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Nollywood actresses should be checked periodically to know what they are doing. Ali Baba says he knows they could be paid 5 million Naira per movie, but how come you can afford a house of 45 million with just a single year of an acting career?

Nollywood actress’s source of wealth is questioned as they spend extravagantly

The standup comedian was stunned by his experience and went ahead to cheer it. He said he saw an actress in Dubai who was officially sponsored on a trip, and later, he saw her brag about it on social media. She was with a high-profile man who came to give her a key, and she went upstairs. After some days, he saw her posts all over the internet.

Ali Baba says he knows a Nollywood actress that does business but not this type. The standup comedian also speaks about a Nollywood actress who only stars in Yoruba movies and has amassed so much wealth. The comedian seems confused about how they got their money.

Does he say that even if you are paid 5 million Naira per movie, how many movies will you act? He says he knows the ones that have their popularity to run a business but he is addressing those that don’t act in classic films and still, they are the ones buying cars.

Nollywood actress

He speaks about the Yoruba actress that says they amassed wealth through acting. The amount they are being paid cannot suffice for how they spend on things. The question now is, are these Nollywood actresses acting, or are they doing illegal business? Their wealth should be questioned. In acting, they can’t be as rich as they are portrayed as it only brings fame. What Ali baba said may not be the end of the story, a probable quarrel may root out from this.

Wealth is acquired. Look at the old Nollywood actress before the new ones. This old actress finds it challenging to get a car because the acts could be two in a year. Standard living in parts of Nigeria is costly. Mostly seen, most of the actresses are living in Lagos, especially Lekki and Victoria Island. The affordability of these places can not make them afford a car, not to talk of buying a whole house.

It is questionable to ask about their source of wealth. Not long ago, in a viral video, an online comedian speaks about this same crisis. He says most Nollywood actresses are prostitutes. Another person called portable, a singer, speaks on the issue that Nollywood actresses are living fake life. Their life is not straight, nor is it plain. They are deceiving their fans.

We live in a world where everybody has to fight for his head and live a worthy life tangible of emulation. Fame cannot bring wealth to people naturally. It only opens you to endless possibilities.

Wrapping up

The world is growing daily, and people are becoming desperate to become something in life. Some people literally can do anything to become something. That is why most people engage in indecent practices.
Nollywood actresses are majorly seen as popular but not as rich as they may have portrayed themselves. It sounds funny, but fame without many cashing out as a Nollywood actress can’t buy you a house. Ali Baba blasts upcoming Nollywood actress and Yoruba movie actress.

It is expedient to know that fame makes everyone know you but can’t bring you much money unless your popularity comes as a result of other things not illegal, such as business popularity. At this point, riches is yours with business popularity, not with just an actress that featured once on set. Ali Baba lashes the Nollywood actress. It is possible he may have some issues with them.

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