Adele updates the schedule for her Las Vegas residence


“Brutal retaliation”:

The singer Adele revealed on Monday that she has formally postponed her gigs at the Colosseum at Caesar’s Palace. Words cannot express how happy I am to be able to finally announce these postponed performances.
The Grammy winner was posted on Instagram.

I was so saddened to just have to delete it. I’m more enthusiastic than ever, though, after what seems like a lifetime of planning the performance I actually want to do! While I am aware that for many of you, it was a risky choice on my part, for which I will be sorry, I assure you that it was the right choice. I have really looked forward to doing it with you each week in such a private setting, and I will offer you everything I have.


The new dates for their performances are November 18 through March 23. Adele reports on her website that she may have added eight extra dates in addition to the 24 gigs that were postponed. According to her website, people who have tickets for postponed performances will receive priority. She announced at the time, “I’m sorry, but my performance is really not ready.” My team and half of my staff are with COVID. They are still, making it impossible to wrap up the show. And I’m devastated because I can’t offer you what I have right now.


Following Adele’s announcement, the resale market exploded, with some front band tickets going for $41,000 on StubHub and numerous others in the upper levels fetching prices in the $20,000 region. StubHub now has tickets for opening night starting at $725. Adele is also enforcing COVID-19 regulations, which require concertgoers to show proof of complete immunization or, in the case of those who receive a TUE, a negative PCR test performed within 48 hours of the event ( home tests are not accepted). Adele abruptly terminated her first last-minute residency in an emotional Instagram post, citing COVID-related supply chain problems and a general lack of enthusiasm for the show at the time.

Fans have been waiting for news from the singer, who made ambiguous comments about the residency’s status on The Graham Norton Show in February and at their last live performance in Hyde Park, London, for months. Many of these fans purchased tickets from 3rd-party vendors but were unable to get reimbursement until new dates were announced or there was a cancellation.

How relatable Adele is:

Fans adore the performers’ genuineness Adele admitted earlier this month that she regretted changing the show’s format but had observed that some fans were disappointed by the delay. The Easy on Me singer reaffirmed this in a recent statement, saying: “I promise you it was the right option, even though for some of you it was a terrible mistake on my behalf and I will always be sorry for that.” I have most looked forward to doing it with you each week in such a private setting, and I will offer you everything I have.
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