Nigerian comedian Lasisi Elenu is engaged to female Nigerian actress Adika

lasisi elenu

The comedian Lasisi Elenu engages with Nonso Adika. The skit maker made this known through his Instagram handle. Surprised Lasisi never knew this day would come, he is overwhelmed with joy as he shares the stunning photo.

Lasisi Elenu also known as Nosa Afolabi is a Nigerian skit maker, who is highly skilled at what he does. With his level of professionalism, he has gained many Youtube subscribers. Lasis Elenu has put a smile on many faces, especially his fans. They were overwhelmed with joy when they saw the progress the comedian has made.

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The comedian Lasisi Elenu wrote a love epistle

The comedian in his statement was overwhelmed with joy, he said he didn’t expect this day. The comedian laughed at himself when he was writing how he felt when he engaged Nonso Adika. His heartfelt joy can’t be described as he took the time to write in short words. The love he has for the woman can’t be qualified as he penned how beautiful their love has turned to become. He said the engaged lady is dear to his heart.
What he wrote touched the heart of many and they also would love to experience this one day.

lasisi elenu

The comedian said he has never been more serious than he is now. The comedian who has taken note of his fans penned they shouldn’t think this is one comedy skit, he said, he has fallen in love. In his expression, a love language can be perceived.

Lasisi Elenu says a lot about Nonso Adika, he said he finds a person that complements him perfectly. The comedian who is a Youtuber said he is always in mood swings as he thinks widely about the next skit he is going to make. Lasisi said amidst all the weird moods, he has found a person whom his heart yarns for. He said the love between them is strong as they grow together.

The skit maker gave a funny statement that he is not romantic. He said don’t expect me to start saying my eyes flew off my socket the first time I saw her. With a pure word, he designated what he wants to say minding himself not to spit out lies.

Lasisi Elenu said he is a Golden boy, the man with the money. Nevertheless, he brings all that down amidst his fame. He went on his knees to propose to the love of his life on a very faithful day. Lasisi can’t say more than this, especially at this degree of love expression. It takes time before a man loves solely with his heart.

Comedian Lasisi Elenu is a role model

The comedian sets a good example to the public, as he has taken one step to achieve greatness. His heartfelt joy led him to share their amazing photos on Instagram. Lasis Elenu has always been a good man and has portrayed a rare role in his skits, the fans are so happy to hear this good news.

Adika is known for her role in the movie industry as her popularity spawned up on Bovi Ugboma’s Youtube. The title of the drama series she featured is “Back to School,” In that, she acted in the role of a teacher. The news calls for celebration. Congratulations to Nosa Afolabi also known as Lasisi Elenu, you are greatly blessed, keep pushing up the good work.

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