My husband dumped me after I cooked for him and gave him several styles- Korra Obidi cries out

Korra Obidi

Popular dancer from Nigeria, Korra Obidi has taken to her social media platform to show off her anger and vexation over her broken marriage to her estranged husband, Justin Dean.

Justin announced his separation from the dancer, in June, only a week after the couple were blessed with a second child, and it has been a sequel of innumerable back and forth since then. Due to the incidents which preceded the breakup, Korra Obidi doesn’t think she will ever consider marriage again. 


As stated by the professional dancer on Facebook live, she did her utmost best to make sure the marriage worked, she cooked and attempted all she could to satisfy him in bed, with different styles, but he still left her, in the end. 

Recounting how internet users, played a role in making sure her marriage failed, she swore never to make any of her relationships public, on the internet space again. Korra Obidi blasted jealous people, who made it a point of duty to constantly slide in her husband’s (Now Ex husband) DM to lay complaints about her activities on social media.

Korra Obidi

Korra Obidi vows not to speak about her relationship if she ever gets another

“If I do get another boyfriend or I’m into another relationship, I will never talk about him on social media because I know people will want to destroy it as you did with my first marriage with Justin Dean,” she said. “I could remember when some persons would email my husband and say, Look at what your wife does every day. How will he not leave me after hearing such things? How will he not tell me to pack up and leave his house.”

Justin Dean, Obidi’s husband, had, however, said in the past, that the main reason why he divorced his wife was that she always abused their first daughter, orally.  As stated to him, his ex-wife always said that she regretted giving birth to their first child. He also charged her with the offence of carelessness in attending to the needs of the kids.

He said that her nonchalance to her motherly duties was what made him take full charge of the children, instead of a fissure charge. The news of the couple’s divorce broke out in April, scarcely a week after they welcomed their second child. 

Months later, Mr Dean sent the dancer out of his house, after a video of their altercation surfaced on the internet, as shared by Korra Obidi, on Facebook, where she has huge followership. The professional dancer, and music artiste, has since then, lamented about the role of jealous people, in the crash of her four years old marriage.

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