The Princess Of Wales ‘kate Midddleton’ Confronted By A Woman During A Visit To Northern Ireland

The Princess Of Wales 'kate Midddleton' Confronted By A Woman During A Visit To Northern Ireland

Kate Middleton ‘princess of wales’ have been confronted face to face by a woman during her visit to Northern Ireland.

Bystander Ridiculed Princess Of Wales

The princess of wales was told that Ireland belongs to the Irish by a bystander filming with her mobile phone. The bystander was an urge to shake the royal’s hand. She had the gut to tell the princess that “nice to meet you but it would be sweeter if you were in your country”.

Nevertheless, the princess of wales didn’t take this to heart she laughed it off and quickly move to say ‘hi’ to someone else. However, the same woman was still heard saying ‘Ireland belongs to the Irish.

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Princess of wales

Princess Of Wales: What Happened

The princess was seen meeting a crowd of people in Carrickfergus this afternoon. Carrickfergus is a coastal town in the north of Belfast.

It was seen that she was only a little far from her husband when the incident happened, but her husband did not seem to comment on the matter.

Although, we can’t say if this set of people heard the conversation; the watching security and police officers did not comment also.

The Princess Of Wales 'kate Midddleton' Confronted By A Woman During A Visit To Northern Ireland

The duo was seen heading back to a waiting car, still waving to other crowds gathered around on the other side before driving off.

The incident that happened to the princess of wales is the most recent incident that embarrasses a senior royal to be publicly confronted.

Prince Charles - princess of wales

During A Visit To Wales

Nine days after the death of his mother Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Charles was taunted last month. It was seen that during a visit to Wales, a man struggled his way out to the front and said “while we struggle to heat our homes, we have to pay for your parade”.

Prince Andrew, who had accompanied his mother’s coffin during the period of mourning was also ridiculed by a man saying ” you are a sick old man”. The bystander begins to shout when he was taking part in a procession through Edinburgh.

Nevertheless, a person in his 20s has been indicted with a breach of peace in relation to the incident. The bystanders that had done this were seen to have a lot of courage as the royal should be honoured and not ridiculed publicly.

Occurrences of this incident are now alarming, I think the royal family should do something about the matter.

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