Temilade Kosoko Apologizes for Putting Up Fake Marriage Posts

Temilade Kosoko

Temilade Kosoko, the daughter of iconic Nollywood actor Jide Kosoko, has finally spoken up on reports surrounding her alleged fake marriage to her lover, Okorodudu Micheal.

Temilade Kosoko Apologizes for Putting Up A Fake Marriage

A few days ago, social media was agog for her case. Temilade was reported to be marrying her lover, Micheal.
The young actress from acting in her blood shared matching photos of herself and Micheal. The pictures suggested that they are couples and the traditional attires worn in the picture shone like stars in dark clouds.

After posting pictures of her and her husband looking sweet and sharp in traditional outfits, she posted another video on Instagram that showed her and Micheal doing it in the way of the west. These videos and pictures were just as clean and beautiful as the one released earlier in which the couple was in traditional attire.

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Most people who saw the post wanted consistency. They wanted the happy-looking couples to release more videos and pictures to continue the sweet love story they had started. But with a new post on Instagram, Temilade Kosoko broke many hearts by declaring that the razzmatazz and the glamour around the wedding were all fake. Fake!

Some social media accounts that followed the events before Temilade declared that her account was fake had shown that they doubted the supposed marriage of Temilade and Micheal. These accounts somehow believed that the two were clout chasing or just another means to promote another work to be released.

These doubters got confirmation that Teni was only acting a script after Temilade Kosoko’s sister, Shola Kosoko, confirmed that her sister’s supposed wedding was fake. Temilade then posted another video online begging her fans after she noticed the disappointments and outraged the heartbreak had caused her fans. Even though she casually apologized, her fans still went for the jugular.

One can sense the anger and disappointment the fans feel in such situations because any innocent fan can become a ‘fake news peddler’ after reporting to their friends that their favourite actor Temilade Kosoko is getting married with proof, only for the actress to say otherwise later. It has become a trend in the entertainment industry for entertainers to post fake weddings to arouse their fans and then rile them up. It is a strategy. Teni, the singer, did something similar months ago and reacted similarly.

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