Tears Roll as Ada Ameh is Laid to Rest

ada ameh is laid to rest

Today is one dark day in the entertainment industry in Nigeria as Ada Ameh is laid to rest. The body of Popular Nollywood actress Ada Ameh is ready to be finally laid to rest today. The actress suffered misfortunes before her demise and lost her only daughter two years ago. Ada Ameh died July 17, 2022.

Tears Roll as Ada Ameh is Laid to Rest Today

Aladi Godsgift Ameh, the daughter of Ada Ameh, died after an unsuccessful surgery in Abuja, which eventually took her life, and her death created a big hole in the heart of her mother. While alive, Ada Ameh stated life had been unbearable after losing her daughter.

One of the late Ada Ameh’s colleagues, Charles Inojie, who was her screen husband in one – The Johnsons- shared a clip of Ada Ameh in a casket, ready to be buried in her place of origin.

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For the clip he released as Ada Ameh is laid to rest, Inojie titled it: A WRAP FOR ADA AMEH. 
As Ada Ameh is laid to rest, Inojie then talks about how fragile life is. In his note, he was greatly saddened about the death of the popular actress and comedian. He was bitter, and the gloominess was evident in the piece. He then advised that people should be good and live their lives and try to achieve their dreams while alive since no one is promised tomorrow. He charged everyone to be good and live their best lives.

Before Ada Ameh is laid to rest, a few events were arranged to honour the actress.
On August 19, there was a football match in late Ada Ameh’s honour at Nathaniel Idowu Pitch, Lagos. On the same day, a candlelight procession at Teslim Balogun Stadium. On August 25, one more candlelight service was held at Saint Mary’s Primary in Benue State.

A funeral service followed this candlelight service at Ada’s father’s compound in Otupko, Benue State. Ada Ameh died July 17, 2022. Those close to her said she was getting ready to be a guest of an oil company when she suddenly collapsed.

She was then rushed to the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation’s hospital but didn’t come back alive. Adah Ameh died some months after her 48th birthday. She was born on May 15, 1974, in Lagos. As Ada Ameh is laid to rest, many fans and family members are grieving, and we hope they find the fortitude to bear the loss.

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