Sanyeri Reveals Why His Children Didn’t Like Odunlade Adekola


Comedian and Nollywood actor, Olaniyi Afonja, known as Sanyeri, has now revealed in one of his many press briefings why his children at a time didn’t like his colleagueMr Odunlade Adekola.

Sanyeri Reveals Why His Sons Didn’t Like Odunlade Adekola

In a fruitful conversation with Emmanuel Ojo, Sanyeri said, “Some time ago, when my first son, Boluwatife, saw some roles in which I played alongside Odunlade Adekola, he said to me, “Daddy, I don’t like this Odunlade man.” 

When I asked him why he had that resentment in his mind, he said, “Dad, it’s because Odunlade beats you in films.” I told him not to focus on that but enjoy the movie. Sometimes, I had to say to him that what happened in the film helped bring food to the table. He didn’t understand my reason so much because of how he viewed life at the time. He thought Odunlade and I were fighting for real. He couldn’t comprehend the fact that we were only acting.”

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Sanyeri spoke about how he sets things straight with his boys when it involves calling his stage name. Sanyeri declared, “As their father, my kids aren’t allowed to call me Sanyeri. They already know that the name is for a character in a movie. I correct them with love because I spend a little time with them at home. It’s tough to be harsh on them because I only have a little time to spend at home with them, which I cherish so much. 

Sometimes when their mother shouts at them, I try not to yell at them too, so we won’t be harsh on them. In the house, I reconcile the boys back and make them see what they did wrong. If I was the one the boys offended, and I got to the level where I spank them, their mother also tries to reconcile them back, and she advises me to correct them with love too. I prefer their mother to do more disciplining because women are usually more compassionate.”

When asked about the influence of western culture in raising his kids, the father of two responded by saying, “God made everyone and race in the world, but anywhere one finds himself, one should try to blend with the way of life there.”

“In the western culture, kids are disciplined differently from how we discipline kids in Yoruba land, where I was born and raised. In the Yoruba culture, parents discipline children very well when they go wrong from the right path. It is good to teach them the culture of their parents. When my kids see me in the morning, they greet me by prostrating.”

Sanyeri also commented on their accent, saying, “Well, I can not fault them for that because my wife and I took them abroad. Living there has helped shape their accent, but whenever they say something I don’t get, I ask them to repeat it in Yoruba.”

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