Toyin Tomato Celebrates Iya Osogbo on Her 93rd Birthday

Toyin Tomato Celebrates Iya Osogbo

Toyin Tomato celebrates Iya Osogbo on her big day in a special way. The Nollywood top-rated actress, Toyin Adegbola, widely known as Madam Toyin Tomato, has warmed the hearts of many Nigerians as she celebrates the birthday of a veteran Nollywood actress, Grace Oyin Adejobi. The latter turned ninety-three (93) a few hours ago.

Toyin Tomato Celebrates Iya Osogbo Birthday

As Toyin Tomato celebrates Iya Osogbo on the veteran’s birthday, she shared a video of herself, the ninety-three-year-old veteran actress, Iya Osogbo and another Nollywood actress gleefully making the celebrant’s day with the surprise birthday package.

Iya Osogbo played lead roles in productions like Orogun Adedigba, Kuye, and others, and her legendary status has made younger actors and actresses highly regard her. The video showed the aged Iya Osogbo dancing joyfully as Toyin graciously celebrated her birthday.

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Similarly, as Toyin Tomato celebrates Iya Osogbo, Nollywood actress Kemi Korede also plugged herself into the celebration and took to Toyin Tomato’s post on Instagram to celebrate Iya Osogbo’s birthday with a warm note and showered the celebrant with love and revered her. Kemi Korede also gifted the celebrant an amount of money. She tagged the money’ money for cake’ but didn’t disclose it.

This wonderful act by Toyin Tomato didn’t start this year. Toyin Tomato also surprised Iya Osogbo for her birthday. Iya Osogbo retired from acting a few years ago and has since left the limelight. She is the widow of Oyin Adejobi, a Yoruba actor who died in 2000.

Madam Toyin Tomato visited the official residence of the aged veteran actress to surprise her. Madam Toyin Tomato made sure there was enough music and dance, and this made emotions overwhelm the celebrant. Iya Osogbo shocked many who witnessed the celebration with vital dance steps, even as an aged woman. Toyin Tomato was also dazed by the dance steps and said, “God is good”.

Toyin Tomato’s act of benevolence made even her colleagues happy. Some of them sent her warm notes to thank her for making Iya Osogbo smile on her birthday. Omo Alausa, Kemi Afolabi, and Bimpe Akintunde were some of the colleagues that sent their regards.

Iya Osogbo, overwhelmed by the goodness and love she received on her special day, appreciated God for his grace in her life. The aged superstar birthday girl said, “I reached this age only because of the unending mercies of God.” She also advised the youth on how to age well, “God also gave me the wisdom of keeping my body well and being moderate in all I do. Young people should emulate this too. Being God-fearing helps too.”
Many other celebrities have now seen the way Toyin Tomato celebrates Iya Osogbo and have learnt a thing or two from the act.

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