Climate Change Protesters Threw Heinz Tomato Soup Over Vincent Van Gogh’s Famous Paintings At London National Gallery

Vincent Van Gogh Famous Paintings

The climate change protesters threw soup over Vincent Van Gogh’s famous paintings which caused some damage to the frame.

Vincent Van Gogh’s Famous Paintings: The Just Stop Oil Posted A Video

The Just stop oil campaign group posted a video holding back protesters for the last two weeks in the British capital. The video revealed two women throwing two tins of Heinz tomato soul over vincent van gogh famous paintings at the London National Gallery on Friday which caused minor damage to its frame.

Vincent Van Gogh’s Famous Paintings: The Gallery Said;

“There is some minor damage to the frame but Vincent van Gogh’s famous paintings are unharmed”.

The two women revealed in the video have been arrested by the police for criminal damage and aggravated trespass, says the police department.

Vincent Van Gogh Famous Paintings

Twitter Statement Revealed;

“Specialist officers have unglued them and they have been arrested at a central London police station”.

” We house one of the greatest painting collections in the world which dates back to 1888. Our paintings are one of its most popular” says The Sunflowers.

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The Gallery Says On Its Website;

“The painting is mostly reprinted on cards, tea towels, mugs and stationery. It was also the beautiful picture Van Gogh was proud of”. The painting is worth over $134 million, says Just Stop Oil.

The protest stands to be the latest and it comes after many days of blocked roads in the surrounding parliament which made the government stop all new oil and gas projects.

Vincent Van Gogh Famous Paintings

Vincent Van Gogh Famous Paintings: Police Said;

“More than 100 people have been arrested after a weekend of protests by environmental groups”.

Vincent Van Gogh’s Famous Paintings; Last Week

Two Extinction Rebellion activists glued themselves to prized Picasso painting rebels in the last week at the National Gallery of Victoria in Melbourne. After that, they were removed from the gallery and arrested.

“Suffering of war”, the group claimed they targetted the painting titled “massacre in Korea” because of its depiction of suffering.

The Banner ” Climate Chaos=War+Famine” was displayed as part of the protest. The damage the protest has caused this time is great and we believe those people arrested will be given proper punishment. Nevertheless, the pair stands to agitate for what they want.

The ruse caused is not necessary, a protest is enough to make an agitation known by the government.

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