Georgie Whitton Has Moved To Queensland Glass House Mountain To Avoid Contacting Covid 19

Georgie Whitton

Georgie ‘age 75’ has moved out of Brisbane to Queensland Glasshouse mountain to prevent getting Covid 19.

Numerous people in Australia are moving on with their lives after years of lockdown due to Covid 19. Nevertheless, even with the relaxed rules, some individuals are still living with self-imposed restrictions.

The first state to lift the 5 days mandatory isolated period of Covid 19 is Victoria. They relaxed their Covid 19 restriction rules on Wednesday while some other states relaxed theirs starting from Friday. Nevertheless, restrictions are still on certain settings like hospitals and aged care.

Queensland Glasshouse mountain

Georgie Whitton Statement

After Georgie moved out of Brisbane to Queensland Glasshouse, her husband is having chemotherapy for a cancer diagnosis and can’t get vaccinated. The duo now make up their mind to separate themselves from the rest of the community.

Georgie Said;

“We don’t really have any choice, it is a question of whether we want to go on living or not really because I am also very vulnerable”.

Georgie is disappointed she is not suitable for the fifth booster dose yet due to the stroke and asthma she had previously. Nevertheless, despite her age and health conditions, it is five months since she was boosted.

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Georgie Puts Thus;

” it is saddening because we are averagely sociable, we would have loved to also get to know the people around us. The only way we can do that is to associate with people while going around, with no school-age children to insert it into the community. The one place we belong to is the dog park which is also wonderful”.

We have also decided to limit our transactions with our families, nevertheless, we have only seen our son and granddaughter once in eight months.

Georgie Continues;

“We are both blending with the community and the risk of getting infected this very high”.

Georgie Whitton - face mask

Georgie Whitton: Professor Griffin Explains

” The number one strategy to avoid COVID-19 is to take vaccines regularly such that it is up to date. The use of Masks, social distancing, ventilation, and pharmaceutical intervention is all a way to combat COVID-19. I think that is the area we have been messing up the information given”.

He Continues;

“A lot of people have seen the relaxation of the rules as a pointer that those aren’t required or weren’t effective. Nevertheless, the two factors are not the real deal. We know Covid-19 will come back we are to be prepared by doing what we are mandated to do”.

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