Giorgia Meloni ‘far-right Leader’ Has Accepted The Job Of Forming The Next Government


Italy’s far-right leader ‘Giorgia Meloni has formally accepted the job of forming the next government as the head of the country’s right-wing administration since world war two.

Giorgia Meloni: What Happened

President Sergio Mattarella greeted Meloni after her brothers of Italy party won the elections. Meloni and the people supporting her saw him earlier and they said;

“We are ready to govern as quick as possible”.

Giorgia Meloni
Giorgia Meloni

Meloni assured;

Italy’s first female Prime Minister and her cabinet will be sworn in on Saturday. She took over from a different leader in Mario Draghi.

Mario Draghi was brought in to run a country struggling to rise from the effects of the economic crisis and coronavirus. Nato member Italy is the EU’s third-biggest economy. Meloni stands to assure its western allies that nothing will change its foreign policy.

The first trip she made to the presidential palace was with white fiat 500 car before a private meeting with the president that lasted an hour plus after which she announced; ” Who will be my cabinet”.

Meloni government entails;

Her government will include Matteo Salvini’s far-right League and the right-of-centre Forza Italia of Silvio Berlusconi. Former prime minister, who had been at the centre of a row surrounding two leaked recordings that forms the basement of pro-Putin views which shook the coalition.

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Giorgia Meloni
Giorgia Meloni

After the meeting

After an 11 minutes meeting with President Mattarella on Friday morning, she tolls the new team was ready to give Italy a government that confronts with awareness, challenges of our time and competence the urgency.

Mayor Virginia Raggi said;

“For the first time, we’ll have a woman at the helm in Italy. Only six of her government’s 24 ministers are women. They include a minister for Family and Birth Rate, Eugenia Roccella, who has described abortion as the “dark side of motherhood”.

Meet Roberto Calderoli

Robert Calderoli is the new regional affairs minister. He is well known in Italy for likening Italy’s first black cabinet minister to an orangutan.

Nevertheless, Berlusconi has overshadowed its formation. Pro-Putin leaked audio remarks piled pressure on Meloni ‘aged 45’ who in times past till present sought to emphasise her Pro-Atlanticist credentials.

He was heart boasting in one of the leaked audio tapes that President Vladimir Putin had sent him 20 bottles of vodka for his birthday and called him “number one among his five best friends”.

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