Alex Jones Ordered By A Jury To Pay 1.5 Billion US Dollars To Sandy Hook Families For Damages

Alex Jones

A jury has ordered Alex Jones to pay $1.5 billion in damages to Sandy Hook families. The Sandy Hook families are the ones involved in the 2012 mass shooting for claiming there were actors.

The verdict made by the judge was the second against the conspiracy broadcaster in just two months.

Alex Jones: How The Verdict Came

After three weeks of testimony in a state court in Waterbury, Connecticut the verdict came. Waterbury Connecticut is not far from where a gunman killed 20 children and six staff members at sandy hook elementary school. This was exactly December 2012.

Alex Jones claims over the years that the killing was staged as a part of a government plot to take away people’s guns.

Alex Jones

Another found that Jones and his company must pay 49.3 million dollars to Sandy Hook’s parent in a related case. This happened in August in Texas where the website of Jones ‘Infowars’ is located.

John was reported by four lawyers of eight Sandy Hook victims during a closing argument in Connecticut. It was said he cashed in on lies about the shooting and used it to drive a lot of traffic to his website “Infowars”. It boosted his sales and made him earn a lot.

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Lawyer Chris Said;

The families of the victims have suffered campaigns of harassment and death threats by the followers of Jones.

Mattei Told Jurors;

Every single one of these families was drowning in grief. Alex Jones has put his legs on top of them.

Alex Jones

Lawyer Norman Pattis Fought

The lawyer of Alex Jones countered the closing argument that the plaintiff has shown little evidence of losses. Norman Pattis then urge Jurors to avoid the political undercurrent in the case. He continues that, this is not a case about politics, it’s about how much to compensate a plaintiff.

During the trial, the victim’s families were given the chance to analyse what happened. But they all stood on the same opinion pointing out how Jones claims Sandy Hook. Another plaintiff who responded to the shooting is an ” FBI”. Alex Jones who has admitted that the shooting as occurred also testified which rendered the trial into a massive argument as refused to apologize to the families.

We hope to void most of the payout in the Texas case before it is approved by the judge. Under the state law, it is excessive, said Jone’s lawyer.

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