Drama as Bobrisky’s stylist finally reveals his untold lies about his 2 million naira scam


The internet is exploding with comments as Bobrisky’s stylist reveals his untold falsehoods about the 2 million naira fraud. Bobrisky went online a few days ago to implore Nigerians not to trust anyone blindly after his stylist cheated him out of two million Naira.

Bobrisky detailed the heinous scenario between himself and a claimed stylist for his birthday, stating he had previously paid two million Naira out of a 3.7 million naira deal. Bobrisky said he felt concerned when the stylist neglected to update him on his clothing and just phoned to check his balance.

According to his stylist, he asked for 3 million Naira for the photographer to be included. Following this occurrence, netizens went to the comments section to criticize Bobrisky’s alleged lie-filled lifestyle.

Lulusmooth: Senior guy, it appears you’ve found your match.

youngshaggii: If you believe elder man, you are putting yourself in danger.

aforchibunduaugustine: Bobby! Bobby!! Bobby!!! You are quite daring!

Bobrisky Sha is believed by his mother, according to officialbobbyfredrick__.

_deagram: When I delete screenshots, I feel like I’m erasing future proof. This dude just produced the entire

receipt.Believe Bobrisky at your own risk, officialbobbyfredrick__!!!!

standxl: Bob is a hazardous person to do business with datblackwoman2.0: Anyone doing business with Bob right now is either living under a rock or insane.

Bobrisky celebrated his birthday in style by wowing his admirers with jaw-dropping images. His fashion sense and attire made him the buzz of the internet. Bobrisky posted his stunning images to Instagram and a heartfelt birthday greeting.
Happy birthday, he wrote.

More on Bobrisky

Bobrisky is a transgender woman from Nigeria who identifies as LGBT. She is also well known for using the social media platforms Snapchat and Instagram. Bobrisky was born Okuneye Idris Olarenwaju in 1991 and attended both King’s College in Lagos and Okota High School in Lagos for her secondary education before studying and graduating with a BSc in Accounting from UNILAG in Nigeria.

He became known on social media for being very contentious and not conforming to conservative Nigerian ideals. Bobrisky has a huge social media following. She was able to drive attention to her Snapchat account by claiming she had a partner presumed to be of masculine gender, even though same-sex relationships are punished by up to 14 years in jail in Nigeria.


On July 8, 2021, she unveiled a new physical appearance after undergoing surgery to become more feminine. She has also counselled aspiring transgender people to seek adequate surgical augmentation operations to be who they genuinely want to be.

Certain event organizers have requested Bobrisky to give presentations at their events. When a Nigerian presidential adviser saw Bobrisky inside the apartment, he walked out. In 2019, the Director General of Nigeria’s National Council for Arts and Culture, Otunba Olusegun Runsewe, declared Bobrisky a “national disgrace” and stated she would be “ruthlessly dealt with” if spotted on the streets.

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