“My bones looked 20 years older than I was,” Gospel singer Tim Godfrey, recovered from paralysis

Tim Godfrey

Tim Godfrey, a gospel artist, has recounted his experience of how God healed him of paralysis. The recently married musician turned to Instagram to share a photo of himself lying in a hospital bed. Tim Godfrey described how he was brought to the hospital after suffering from acute back pain and excruciating arm agony. Tim Godfrey was taken aback when an MRI revealed that his bones were 20 years older than his actual age.

Tim Godfrey discovered that his spinal cord disc had changed, and all of these other intricate things were occurring to him simultaneously. This weighed heavily on the singer, and he sobbed as more bad news arrived. Tim Godfrey mustered courage, returned home, and expressed his anguish to God.

Tim Godfrey has been cured after some treatments and intense prayers. Tim thanked God for the gift of healing as he envisioned the enemy plotting to paralyze him. This photo was taken when I was admitted to the hospital. It began with a mild backache, followed by excruciating agony in my arms. I had an MRI, and the doctors informed me that my bones were 20 years older than my age – over 69 years old while I’m in my 40s.

They also informed me that my spinal cord disc had been displaced and that all of these other difficult things were occurring to me all at once. I was always in discomfort.

I sometimes cried so hard, holding my head to my chest. They told me I had overstretched my physique, among other negative assessments. But, as the hymn goes, God converts it to good when there is a possibility of evil. I returned home after several treatments and intense prayers, certain that I was healed, and I was. I’m grateful to God right now for the gift of healing.

I believe the adversary intended for me to be disabled, but God intervened. God is turning that circumstance around for your good as you read this. Whatever the enemy reports about your life, the Lord reports that he is turning everything in your favour! Rejoice!!


Nathaniel Bassey, a Nigerian gospel performer, and several of his team members nearly survived a fire breakout a few months ago. The multi-talented artist, who hosts the famous daily social media prayer and praise session Hallelujah Challenge, recounted their meeting on his Instagram page. Nathaniel Bassey shared a snapshot of a burning Power Generator set, illustrating how it strangely caught fire even though it was unplugged.

He wrote: OUR DELIVERANCE T, TESTIMONY! 😂😂😂😂…. This monster is a jerk and what Yorubas term AGBAYA! He had intended to burn us, but God is always one step ahead. This NEW GEN SET, only five days after we finished our post-HC prayers! EXPLODED! He fights so hard every time we have a high-power service like this. But he keeps losing and refuses to learn. We ALWAYS win – tomorrow we MOVE!

Nathaniel Bassey’s Hallelujah Challenge has gone global, with thousands tuning in to his Instagram and Facebook Live broadcasts at midnight to witness the unparalleled worship movement.

He confessed that prior to the illness, he had never experienced sinus problems that lasted longer than three days. Boma said that half of his right face/nose was obstructed, and he could only breathe via his left nostril. Before the surgery was scheduled for April, he had a movie shoot in Nigeria as we had a BBN reunion that couldn’t be rescheduled.

Boma prioritized Tim Godfreyjob over his health, and following the reunion’s last episode, he rushed to New York for surgery. Unfortunately, the doctor informed him that the infection had already gone to the back of his skull and that he may go blind or suffer brain damage. Fortunately, the procedure went well for him. More information is available here.

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