Help me beg Bobrisky; I don’t want to die – The man who tattooed Bobrisky’s photo on his body falls sick

A video of a young man with a tattoo of the Nigerian transgender lady and LGBT icon, Brisky, on his arm has gone viral on social media, showing him looking unwell and haggard.

According to the man, he became unwell due to the tattoo inscription equipment employed on his arm. He also pretends to be on drugs and in need of help, and he enlists the support of Nigerians, bloggers, and others to seek Bobrisky’s pardon.

In His Statement: Hello, my name is Lord Casted. Do you recall the guy who had Bobrisky tattooed on his arm? I’m here, o. All I needed was aid, and now I’ve contracted the sickness from the tattoo machine. I’m already taking my meds, and I’m OK. I’m shaking like this because I’m still on the medications. Therefore, I’m pleading with all Nigerians and bloggers to assist me, pleading with Bobrisky to forgive me; he should make sure I’m alright, please.


As many individuals seek to be on Bobrisky’s tattoo reward list, many Nigerians voiced outrage when a mother expressed her delight that her son tattooed Bobrisky’s face on his hand.

The mother can be heard pleading with Bobrisky in the viral video to include her kid among people he promises to award for painting or tattooing his name on their body.


The Nigerian mother said Hello, Bobrisky. Good day, ma’am. Please bring my son with you ooo… Please assist my kid ooo… My youngster drew a picture of you on his hand. God bless you, mom, mama. Ma, may you have a long and prosperous life.


Additional information on Bobrisky

Bobrisky is a transgender woman and LGBT figure from Nigeria. She goes by the name Bobrisky. She is also well known for using the social media platforms Snapchat and Instagram. She became prominent on social media for her refusal to conform to strict Nigerian ideals. Bobrisky has a substantial social media following. She could drive attention to her Snapchat account by claiming she had a partner presumed to be of masculine gender, even though she was punished by up to 14 years in jail in Nigeria.

On July 8, 2021, she debuted her new appearance to the public after undergoing surgery to achieve a more feminine appearance. She has also counselled aspiring transgender people to seek adequate surgical augmentation operations to be who they genuinely want to bed.

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