5 effective steps on how to clean a yoga mat

how to clean a yoga mat

Get your eyes on how to clean a yoga mat effectively. Bending swiftly on your yoga mat frequently is a journey to proper body maintenance and a means to balance an individual’s mind. During a workout, many tools are used to put the body in perfect shape. Amidst these tools comes the yoga mat.

The yoga mat is used by yoga trainers and trainees to stretch their bodies effectively without coming in contact with dirt or accidentally injuring themselves along the way. The mat serves as a template for workout effectively. Different styles of yoga are practised by different people who practice yoga.

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Yoga involves bending, twisting, and stretching oneself in different directions to maintain body fitness, mind control, and emotional stability. The yoga mat is used by people who practice meditation to achieve a state of mental stability.

Getting your hand on a yoga mat cleaning strategy will help you sustain the mat and maintain your self-hygiene. There are many ways to clean a yoga mat but this article will expose your mind to the best steps to take when you probably want to clean your yoga mat.

how to clean a yoga mat

How to clean a yoga mat

Maintain healthy hygiene with our sustainable guide on how to clean a yoga mat thoroughly. Consider buying another yoga mat if it is pilling off. Below is 5 effective steps on how to clean a yoga mat.

  • Soak your yoga mat: Individual yoga mat is an essential part of his or her life since yoga can be done routinely or daily to ensure a standard practice. To soak your yoga mat, use a solution of warm water and a mild detergent. Before you wash your yoga mat, dip it into the prepared hot water with a mild detergent. Let it soak for some minutes as this helps deter dirt, body oils, and any surrounding odours. When soaking, reduce the quantity of your detergent to avoid your mat getting slippery when you are practising. Dish soap is the best option to soak your yoga mat. While mixing, mix 1 tablespoon of dish soap for every gallon and maintain lukewarm tap water.

Note: Avoid using vinegar to soak your yoga mat since it can leave an unpleasant scent on the surface of your mat and you wouldn’t want that. This substance may also lessen the quality of your mat depending on the mat material.

  • Perfect time to wash your yoga mat: Maintaining perfect washing periods helps the longevity of your yoga mat. It is advised to watch your mat after a few months of usage depending on how often you practice yoga. This will keep your mat from every bacteria or smell which may transfer to you while practising.
  • Wash your yoga mat: soaking your yoga mat is not enough but hand washing the mat by using a clean soft cloth to wash both sides puts it in perfect shape. Gently sight the areas you use the most while practising and wash thoroughly but be careful not to wash the mat too hard as it could distort it.
  • Rinsing process: Gently rinse your mat after washing to remove any soap left on it to avoid a slippery mat.
  • Dry your mat: kindly wiggle your mat off to wipe out the water on its surface. After the shake, lay your mat gently on a dry towel/cloth, roll the cloth together with the mat and squeeze out the remaining water in it. Be careful at this point not to damage the mat. Step on the mat to actively get surplus water out of it. After this process, gently hang your mat to dry off

Note: Do not use a cloth dryer to dry your mat, this process will utterly ruin your mat or make the mat catch fire.

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