Weight loss surgeries and their prices

current price of weight loss surgery

A clear sight of the weight loss surgeries and costs can give an individual some level of thought as to which to choose. We are here to lessen your search stress, we have evaluated the 3 major types and current prices of weight loss surgeries which will help you to pick the type you want.

The weight loss surgery process provides the patients 30-50% loss of excess weight in the first six months. When reaching a climax of 12 months, there would be a great weight loss of 77%. A recent study shows that patients can maintain their weight loss achievements for about 10-14years.

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Weight loss surgery also called bariatric surgery is the most effective treatment for obesity in severe cases. A study shows that 15-35% of patients who undergo this treatment die not achieving their weight loss goal.
Weight loss surgery is less risky which gives it maximum popularity among people. 250,000+ plus operations were successfully done in the United States. Be careful if your case is not severe, death may be ascertained after the whole operation. The success rate for this surgery type is high and very effective.
Understanding the current price of each weight loss surgery is important.

current price of weight loss surgery

Current price of bariatric surgery

The current price of weight loss surgery is provided below with weight loss types. Get a pick on your weight loss journey.

Weight loss surgeries – The Sleeve Gastrectomy

This surgery type is performed by removing the right per cent of an individual’s stomach which will cause size reduction. After this is done, the stomach holds less food, taking of liquid things during this period will go a long way. This process reduces hunger which allows the body to maintain a healthy weight. The negative effect of this is that it is a non-reversible procedure, and the case may get worse. The average cost of this surgery is $9,350. Highly effective and affordable.

Weight loss surgeries – Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass

The is another surgery type that deals with the stomach being bypassed so it no longer stores foods. The new intestine is now connected to the small stomach to enable food passage. This works in different ways, the new food storage is smaller and will now hold little food consumption, automatically controlling your eating rate. Generally, if a human eats less, his stature will be affected while everything else will be balanced. This weight loss surgery is reliable and long-lasting and it is highly effective for obesity. The current price of this weight loss surgery is $12,121 to $27,300.

Weight loss surgeries – Adjustable Gastric band

This is a silicon device placed at the top part of an individual stomach to avoid eating too much. This method will reduce food intake. This method was left many years ago because its long-term effect is less. This type offers a no stomach division enabling patients to go home on the day of surgery and this type reduces complications. This type is not effective and you can go back to how you eat before realizing it. It can also result in swallowing problems causing an oesophagus engagement. The current price of this weight loss strategy is ranging from $10,840 to $21,300

In all, you can now spot the best surgery for you and how much it is. We wish you success in your weight loss journey.

current price of weight loss surgery

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