“Everyone knows I’m a peaceful person, but I am about to lose it” Actress Mosun Filani blows hot

Mosun Filani Oduoye, a Nollywood actress, has hinted at wreaking havoc on social media. The Yoruba actress, who usually avoids controversy, vented on her Instagram page.

Mosun Filani observed that she is a gentle person who does not seek controversy. She went on to say that if the problem weren’t handled, she would lose her mind. Everyone knows I am a gentle guy who does not seek out conflict… But, please, English, tell us why there is a letter D in Fridge and no letter D in the refrigerator….. I’m going to lose my cool.

Protect your career, English Teachers/Lecturers, because I’m ready to make havoc. Mosun Filani had lambasted individuals who did not back her up when she was being body shamed for being big. The actress, who now claims to be slender, resorted to social media to declare that people liked her plump appearance and slimness.

Mosun Filani


Mosun Filani wrote: Flashback to this outfit. You’ve all become accustomed to my chubby/fat appearance. Give it some time, and you’ll get used to my cropped appearance. You didn’t expend the same energy to contitto defend me when I was labelled obese and shapeless continuously that I’ve surprised you with my thin figure. You are quick to point out that we love our overweight appearance. Chubby looks great… Orobo has a lovely appearance. Alabosiaun Gbogbo won. You are not prepared, wallahi. If I hear the word,m… Ijoba is obstructing.

More information about Mosun Filani

Mosun Filani-Oduoye (born 5 July 1968 in Ibadan, Oyo State) is a Nigerian film producer, businesswoman, and voice actor. She is from Ikole-Ekiti in South West Nigeria and is a two-time Africa Movie Academy Award candidate for Best Actress in a Supporting Role (2009 and 2011). She attended Abeokuta College of Education and graduated from the Tai Solarin University of Education with a degree in Business Administration (TASUED).

Mosun Filani

Mosun Filani is often assumed to be from Ibadan, where she spent most of her formative years. Surprisingly, she is not. Her parents are from Ekiti State. She was raised in Ibadan with her four siblings until she went to the Abeokuta College of Education and obtained a degree in Business Administration from Tai at the University of Education (TASUED).

Mosun began acting as a teenager out of a desire to express himself. Her goal was not to gain fame or money. She was a part of her high school theatre club, and the Abeokuta College of Education theatre group sheared stage productions until she decided to advance her acting career.

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