Aboubakar loses club because of Cristiano Ronaldo but could replace him at Manchester United!


Reports say that the move of Cristiano Ronaldo to Al Nassr led to the end of the contract of Vincent Aboubakar, an international player from Cameroon.

Due to strict rules about who can play in Saudi Arabia, teams can only have eight players who are not Saudi. So, Aboubakar is likely to become available on the transfer market again, and rumours are already going around.

Since Aboubakar was Cameroon’s best player at the 2022 World Cup, he will have a lot of options and a lot of interest.

Even though the African team was eliminated in Qatar, he was very important because he scored the goal that won the game against Brazil. He also scored and set up a goal in the 3-3 tie with Serbia.

Because of how he celebrated scoring the game-winning goal against Brazil, he became the first player ever to get a red card at a World Cup.

The Cameroonian played in 12 league and cup games for Al Nassr. He scored four goals and had two assists. After playing for Porto, Besiktas, Lorient, and Valenciennes, the 30-year-old played for Al Nassr and scored 13 goals in 39 games.

After Cristiano Ronaldo’s recent move to Al Nassr, a video was posted to YouTube showing the Portuguese star meeting and talking with his Cameroonian counterpart. But because of scheduling problems, they won’t be able to play at Al Nassr together.

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Aboubakar used to play for the Turkish team Besiktas. There are rumours that he might join Fenerbahce. On the other hand, some people in the English press think that he might one day play for Manchester United.

If it happened, it would be a strange turn of events because Aboubakar could fill the spot left by Cristiano when he left United and joined his new team, which had room for him.


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