Ronaldo joins Al Nassr and ends a 20-years old relationship

Cristiano Ronaldo Signs 2 Years Contract Worth $200 Million Per Season With Al Nassr

On Tuesday night, when Cristiano Ronaldo was introduced at his new club in Al-Nassr, Saudi Arabia, he ended a 20-year partnership.

Al-Nassr signed a deal on December 30, 2022, to hire Cristiano Ronaldo for two seasons at a salary of about 200 million euros per year. In the history of professional sports, Ronaldo is now the player who will make the most money. On Tuesday night, CR7 was introduced to 25,000 club fans at Mrsool Park during a press conference and fan event. A way for him to explain why he chose to do what he did, also he made a mistake by locating his new club in South Africa. “Moving to South Africa won’t mean the end of my professional life. What other people think doesn’t matter to me.

A small “dumpling” that fans of Al-Nassr should be willing to overlook. On the other hand, the famous striker has grown apart from some people in Portugal. Correio da Manh, a newspaper in Portugal, says that Ronaldo would rather play for money in Saudi Arabia than for Portugal. If Portuguese teams had reached out to CR7 with contract offers, he chose not to accept them.

Jorge Mendes, who has represented Cristiano Ronaldo for a long time has parted ways

The 37-year-old Portuguese superstar has been in a lot of trouble over the last few weeks, especially because of his fight with his old team, Manchester United. The star also has trouble getting along with his agent, Jorge Mendes. A month ago, the Spanish news outlet AS reported that Cristiano Ronaldo was no longer only listening to advice from his longtime agent. There had been a rift between the two men, and it had grown into a gap. In fact, CR7 joined the Al-Nassr club on his own, without the help of his most loyal agent.

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The Portuguese news site Jornal de Noticias says that the two men, who were close as father and son before they talked to Piers Morgan, broke up after the interview. At that moment, Cristiano Ronaldo made the important choice that would have set the course of his life. At that time, he talked to a lawyer and Ricardo Regufe, a close friend of Ronaldo’s who used to work for Nike and has known him since the early 2000s, in order to start talks with Al-Nassr. A strategy that Jorge Mendes would not have liked.

The Athletic, for its part, says that Cristiano Ronaldo wanted to find a new base in the summer of 2022, even though his agent Jorge Mendes pushed him hard to stay at Manchester United with Erik ten Hag.


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