Yusuf Al-Qaradawi death-obituary; Sunni Muslim cleric is dead

Yusuf Qaradawi

The news fostering today centres on the death of Yusuf Al-Qaradawi. It is noted that he died of age, his death news was made known on his website.

Yusuf Al-Qaradawi expenditure

A view on him in the previous years purports he had a religious phone-in show. When he was alive this show was always aired on Al Jazeera TV which casts its shadows on millions of people. Yusuf founded an international union for Muslim scholars. He was seen as a spiritual leader of the Muslim Brotherhood when he was alive. The Muslim Brotherhood is seen as an Islamist movement.
The supporters of Yusuf say he is a moderate person. In all views supporting him, we have some people who viewed him as an extremist. This set of people is from the western and Gulf states.
The 9/11 attack in the US by the Jihadist militant was condemned by Yusuf. He backed the democracy uprisings against the Egypt leaders, Syrian, and Libya. This happened during the Arab Spring.
Yusuf did not stop his expenditures but he also orchestrated a fight between the Muslims and Americans who were in Iraq. This happened immediately after the 2003 invasion. There was a claim that Islam didn’t see any wrong in the Palestine suicide bomb attacks which were against Israel.
This happened during the Palestinian intifada which started in the year 2000.

In 2004

Yusuf had a chat/interview with BBC news in the year 2004. In the interview, he made a statement that he considered this martyrdom operation as an indication of justice from the Almighty Allah.

Yusuf Qaradawi

Yusuf Qaradawi: What led to his imprisonment

When he was still alive, he had a close tie with the Muslim Brotherhood which is an outlaw and also he criticized the Egypt leader. This expenditure made him spend several times in prison within the country.
After his jail term, he moved to Qatar and that was in 1961. On going to Qatar, he started a self-imposed exiled.
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What happened after

In 2011, he returned to Egypt because of the popular president Hosni Mubarak. Yusuf who had supported the protesters, not only that, he went as far as issuing an edict stopping security officers from shooting the protesters.
Yusuf was seen to lead prayers for thousands of people in Tahrir Square. This happened a week after Mubarak’s resignation which was on Friday.

Yusuf warned

Before the death of the cleric he said, don’t let anyone steal this evolution from you. He purports that they are hypocrites that will put on a new face that matches them well. This was the warning he issued to the crowd.

In 2013

A repeated event happened in this period. Yusuf was forced to exile again, this was a result of the military that overthrow Mohammed Morsi who was Mubarak’s Democratic successor. He is the leader of the Muslim brotherhood after a protest which was against his order.
Yusuf denounced the coup and he immediately took a position of persuading people to restore Morsi to his legitimate post.
2015; a period to Mark
Before the death of Yusuf, something remarkable happened in 2015. The event foresees Yusuf to be sentenced to death. He wasn’t the only one sentenced, but with many others over a mass prison break. This prison break happened in 2011.
After the verdict was placed, he dismissed it as nonsense.

In 2017

This is another period that opens another big event as Yusuf is accused of terrorism by the Saudi Arabia government, the Egypt government, Bahrain and the UAE. This accusation came as a result of imposing a de facto blockade on Qatar.
Yusuf said he turns his back against terrorism but Qatar refuse to remove him.

Yusuf Qaradawi


It is somewhat sad to find out that the cleric is dead. It is noted that he died at age 96, although he has grown to be loved and hated by many.
During his early life, he had a lot of clashes with people. At a time he was sentenced to prison and after that he exiled himself.
Yusuf’s exile stayed for some time till he returns to Eygpt. Not too long after, he had to exile himself again on purpose after a coup against the then leader. His early life has sure been filled with ups and downs.

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