“Yours is the story I want to read” Eniola Mafe declares her love for her husband, MI Abaga

Jude Abaga, also known as MI Abaga or Mr Incredible, a Nigerian rapper, has received a wonderful love message from his wife, Eniola Mafe. The couple hasn’t stopped telling their admirers about their romance since their engagement and marriage.

Eniola took to Instagram to post a montage of photographs from their wedding. Eniola expressed her feelings for the rapper, saying that his life is the tale she wants to read. “Yours in the narrative I’d want to read.”

MI Abaga and Eniola Mafe marry

The rapper was slated to go down the aisle, according to Anews in April. MI Abaga came to social media to make the formal news that he was about to marry.


Eniola Mafe

The rapper made the news in a video that detailed how he met his girlfriend and how they became engaged. Mi Ababa mentioned in the video that Audu Maikori introduced them to each other.

In September, the skilled rapper and his girlfriend married.

Social media was flooded with wedding photos and videos. The rapper looked handsome in his Yoruba wedding gown and coral pearls. MI Abaga was  as he posed for the camera. Celebrities descended on his wedding to express their support as he tied the knot.

Eniola Mafe discusses their love story

According to Kemi Filani news, Eniola Mafe revealed their love story. The lovely pair who warmed many people’s hearts with their engagement announcement had been the envy of many.

Eniola Mafe said how she was minding her own thing when the singer was introduced to her by a mutual acquaintance, Audu Maikori. Eniola had previously sworn herself that she would not marry a rapper, but as fate would have it, she fell in love with him, and their love has grown since then.

Eniola Mafe’s biographical details

Eniola Mafe is a Nigerian entrepreneur who co-founded The Women Collective, TWC, and SecureFarmer.com, a social venture that trains the next generation of farmers.

She was born in Nigeria on April 16, 1985, to working-class Nigerian parents. Mafe was reared in both the United States and the United Kingdom. While this is true, Eniola Mafe does not hide her identity, her Nigerian-Yoruba origin, since she is proud of her roots.

She was born in the United Kingdom and reared in the United States of America, where she developed an interest in entrepreneurship. Eniola was named one of the 99 most powerful foreign policy figures.

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