Your mouth will smell, I promise you – Singer Peruzzi threatens Twitter personality Daniel Regha for calling him an upcoming artiste


Tobechukwu Victor Victor Okoh, as Peruzzi, has slammed Twitter user Daniel Regha for referring to him as an emerging artist. The singer called Daniel Regia out for referring to him as a rising talent.

Previously, Daniel Regha remarked that Peruzzi should not belittle his colleagues because he is a rising star in the music industry, cautioning him to avoid inheriting beef to prove his allegiance, which might offer him clout but destroy his career in the long term. He also warned him to be cautious.

Daniel Regha’s Tweet upset Peruzzi, who threatened him, saying that his mouth would undoubtedly stink and that he was sure of it. Peruzzi had stated that he would not be singing forever. Peruzzi told this on Joey Akan’s ‘Afrobeats Intelligence.’
He and his wife and two children would relocate to Malibu, California, where he would use marijuana peacefully.

In his words: ‘Even if you don’t remember where you came from, don’t forget where you go,’ my mother used to say. I don’t think you can exist. You must be alive because you must be passionate about something.
And I’ve always known where I want to go, and I can tell you exactly where I want to live: Malibu, California. I want to be there six years from now, smoking pot with my wife and two kids.


I already know what I want out of life. I know because I believe you should know. If not, why are you still alive? What motivates you to work? Why am I singing at all? Do I sing because I want to sing forever?

I can’t keep singing forever. I’m singing because I need to do something after I sing. I need to get someplace. I have to admit that this is how my life has turned out. Going to primary school, high school, and university must result in something. It wouldn’t be worth living if I didn’t have a goal.

More About Peruzzi

Tobechukwu Victor Okoh (born 5 December 1989) is a Nigerian singer known as Peruzzi. At the age of seven, he began recording songs with Rodney Malice. Though his signing to Davido’s DMW was contested at one time, Peruzzi is now a front member of the 30 Billion Gang, often known as 30BG, a record label comprised primarily of Davido’s close allies such as Blacktycoon, Tunegee, B-Red, and others. He appeared on 2Baba’s track “Amaka.

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