“Why only love can make me submissive as a feminist” Erica Nlewedim reveals

Erica Nlewedim, a Big Brother Naija season 5 disqualified housemate, has issued a message to her potential suitors. Erica Nlewedim mentioned that as a feminine feminist, the first question she would ask her date is if he had anything against feminists.

Only love, according to Erica Nlewedim, can make her obedient. Do you have an issue with feminists on first dates? Because I am a feminine feminist. Only love has the power to make me submit.

A Twitter user confronted her, asking whether feminists couldn’t be subservient. Isn’t it feminism to be submissive? Erica Nlewedim instructed him that you cannot force others to submit.

You have no right, she says, to demand acquiescence from others. Erica Nlewedim observed that men demand deference from the opposing gender just because they are ‘Male.’ Submission is something Erica Nlewedim gladly gives when it is deserved.

Don’t demand obedience from individuals; you have no authority to do so. Some men expect ladies to be subservient just because they are masculine, not because they have earned it. It’s something a woman will freely give when/if she feels safe and comfortable, but not to all men.


Erica Nlewedim says that she has sent a message to potential suitors

Remember how Erica made headlines with her bride price revelation? The actress claimed that her bride price is 50 million dollars. Erica said this after a Twitter user remarked that her wedding price should be $50 million due to her attractiveness and physical appearance.

Erica Nlewedim, on the other hand, corrected him, saying that her bride price was more. Erica Nlewedim Your bride price is expected to be $50 million, and anybody who is unable to pay will be responsible for the balance.

Erica Nlewedim

Erica Nlewedim criticizes ex-boyfriend Kiddwaya

According to reports, Erica chastised her ex-boyfriend, Kiddwaya, for his comments about the situation of the country. The reality star had joined many others in expressing their disgust with the late Rico Swavey’s last video.

Erica, who was saddened, implored Nigeria to stop neglecting its citizens. She begged for love and empathy in order to lead the country. Kiddwaya responded to her message with a different viewpoint, believing that the country requires conflict.

Nigeria, he claims, is a battleground. Kiddwaya begged her to don her armour and join him on the front lines. Erica criticized him, saying she needed peace of mind, not warfare. “I require peace of mind.”

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