Western Europe burnt down due to the heatwave


Western Europe is baked due to the high increase in heat. Europe firefighters are set to face a new challenge as the country’s heat increased intensely.

The United Kingdom has ever been used to a milder climate. This time the temperature increase in the UK becomes worrisome as it hits more than 45C. This is the first time the United Kingdom climate enters such a temperature degree. WMO chief Petteri Taalas said that in the future, the kind of climate degree experienced will be normal. He said further that, the country will experience stronger climate change in the future.


Fire outbreak across Europe due to temperature increase

A plus to the United Kingdom records holds that many fire services recorded major incidents after an increase in the heat. In Wennington, many houses were burnt down due to a major fire outbreak. BBC news records that 8 homes were destroyed in the fire. The firefighter who witnessed the scene called it absolute hell. Individual imagination should picture how hot the place would be. 64 areas in France gave out a record of high temperatures. The record was made visible on Monday. The southwest of France has experienced the largest wildfires in more than 30 years.


The wine-growing Gironde region experienced a severe fire burnt which affected over 20,300) hectares of land. An increased population in the region was evacuated from their homes. This period was a big loss for UK and France. The countries that experienced this hardship have been liberated since the cool weather returns. Germany is not left out in this big heatwave crisis. Right now, BBC news records that they are experiencing harsh weather conditions which move the north and east.

Belgium is not left out of the situation as fire broke out on dunes at the Belgian resort of De Haan. The fire outbreak resulted in vehicle burns. Belgium is now experiencing thunderstorms that could lead to high rain rates in some regions. According to the report, the rain rate is set at 20-30mm.


The Netherlands wasn’t exempted from the ferocious heat. According to forecasters, their weather temperature amplified to 39.5C in Maastricht. As other regions are experiencing a high temperature, Portugal’s temperature has decreased significantly. In the previous week before the temperature decreased, 1000 death has been recorded.

Extreme fire outbreaks as becoming the consequence of extreme temperatures across Europe. Spain also cannot be left out. Central and north-western Spain has greatly been affected also. In all the cities, this temperature type has not been witnessed in previous years.

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