Waje Turns 42 and Gives All Glory to God

Camila Morrone

Aituaje Iruobe, popularly known as Waje, one of Nigeria’s most gifted vocalists, celebrates her birthday today and releases her gospel album on digital platforms today.

Singer and Businesswoman Waje Celebrates Her 42nd Birthday

As she turned 42 today, she thanked God for his mercies through a post on Instagram.
Waje wrote on her page in the early hours of today, “I give praise to a beautiful God who has shown me mercy, in whose presence I stay, who am I without you? I cannot imagine. Na me be this, singing hallelujah, Abasi! You are the God alone who holds me UNBROKEN!”

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She also used the opportunity to release her much-anticipated album titled UNBROKEN.
Many of her colleagues also took out time to wish her well.
VictoriaKimani, under the post, commented with Happy Birthday.
Uchennaji wrote: Happy birthday Waje, and so shall you remain… UNBROKEN  

Waje and Omawumi Friendship

Waje and Omawumi have been friends for years and have built friendships many other celebrities would love to emulate. The two vocalists are very close and operate a business together.
Omawumi, in an interview, gave the secret to the success of her friendship with Waje. She made it known that she sometimes has an issue with Wae from time to time, but they find a way to make things work.

The Mgbele crooner said, Working with women is not difficult, especially when you work with professional women. A lot of times, people believe that women must be slow and cannot grasp complex things grasp easily, but I’ll tell you the truth which is that women are excellent multitaskers and there’s data to back this claim. So, whenever a woman is given a task, she only thinks of how best she can do the job to satisfy the client so that the client will return for more sales.”

She added, As for the friendship between me and Waje, we’ve known each other for a fair amount of time. And I say to her that if we were of the opposite sex and had a child together, the child would be a teen now.
It necessarily does not mean that as friends we do not have issues, but we sit down and trash them whenever such happens. I think that is one thing that makes us friends and good business partners.”

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