Umahi afraid of being defeated by a woman – Agom Eze says


Ebonyi Senate Crisis: Umahi doesn’t want to accept defeat because it is coming from a woman – Agom-Eze.
One of the big names, of the All Progressive Congress, in Ebonyi state, Princess Ann Agom-Eze, who has been battling Governor David Umahi over the party’s Senatorial slot, in Ebonyi South, said, on Sunday, that the governor was only scared of losing to a woman.


Agom-Eze, made this statement in reaction to the trending gist of her expulsion from the APC, by the zonal leadership of the APC in Afikpo North, Local government Area of Ebonyi State. In her words, the Zonal leadership of the party, was not being rude just by expelling her, seeing that the case between herself and Umahi was still unconcluded in a court in Enugu. 

Agom-Eze maintained that she hasn’t flaunted the rules of the party in any way to deserve to be sacked, rather than persisting on her right of getting back her senatorial ticket, which Gov. Umahi was trying to steal away from her. She stood firm on the newly amended electoral rule, which does not permit a single person to contest for two different electoral positions, which Umahi was trying to do. “The case is still in process, at the court of Appeal, in Enugu.

Why will I be placed on a temporary ban, at the Zonal office in Afikpo? What is my offence? Because I’m trying to reclaim my stolen mandate that Umahi wants to forcefully claim? Where is Umahi taking that ticket to? He contested for the presidential ticket, early this year, and as such, isn’t permitted to contest again. He should understand this”.

“Their behaviour in Afikpo reeks of so much desperation. Being so scared to lose to a woman, that he devised using dubious means to achieve a result he can never get”.

“He cannot win this electoral process, even if he decided to spend all of Ebonyi state money on bribes, the law can’t be changed. And I advise him to abide by the tenets of the law and wait patiently for the final decision of the appeal Court in Enugu, rather than using tools of violence and intimidation. He should wait for the outcome of the judgement, and abide by it because nobody is above the law” she stated. 

Her rival and Governor of Ebonyi State, David Umahi had in a statement through the chairman of the APC in the state, declared her sacked from the party. Mrs Ann Nwanyibuife Agomeze was expelled from the party for over supposed blatant lawlessness.

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