Ukrainian drone targets Russian Black sea fleet

Russian Black sea

A Ukrainian drone was spotted targeting the Russian Black sea fleet. The spotted Ukrainian drone was targeting the Russian black sea fleet in the city of Sevastopol and the Russian regional leader shot it down on Saturday.

The United Nations inspectors were allowed to visit Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant, which was located in Russia, in the North, following the deal signed by the Ukraine president. Smoke was seen coming out from the area of Sevastopol where the Russian black sea is based, although, BBC News did not assure if the video footage is real.

The Russian governor holds that the fleet’s air defences had been activated and the Ukraine drone has been destroyed. He further said, there was no significant damage recorded. This he said, beating down the seriousness of the event.

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Reports on several attacks in Crimea

Numerous attacks have been reported to happen in Crimea recently. A recent attack stag on the airbase close to Sevastopol and the harbour, the latter happened earlier while the latter happened on Friday. Saky, Crimean western coast (Russian military base) was attacked and nine Russian jets were destroyed. The video cycling at the time, revealed many people (Russian tourists) fleeing a nearby resort. Russia 2014 invaded Crimea, which was a part of Ukraine, but Ukraine pledged to take back what was theirs.

The recent involvement of the Kyiv government in recent attacks has not been denied. The special military operation, probably by the Ukraine forces was noted, although Moscow criticized sabotage for some of them.

The recent events are having some psychological impact on the Russian forces, this was said by the western officials. Safety of Zaporizhzhia would start to be restored with a visit of international inspectors, said Volodymyr Zelensky (Ukraine president). This he said after Vladimir Putin said Moscow will give united nations inspectors access to the facility in northern Crimea.

Russian Black sea

Fears of a nuclear catastrophe are raised as Kyiv and Kremlin blamed one another. This was because there was a shelling of the plant over the past week. The Russians moved on with their technical know-how of shelling cities overnight. It is noted that they target, Dnipro, Kharkiv, and Mykolaiv. Mayor Mariupol was purportedly reported to survive an assassination attempt. The mayor was installed by the Russians. It was stated by the Russian state reporter that the mayor was in a car when an explosive device buzz off at the entrance of the zoo.

A press conference was held in Turkey after two ships full of grain left Ukraine. He said, there will be an urgent relief from acute hunger. This he said after he saw the grain ship going to Africa. The movement safety of the ship has been enabled through deals with Ukraine, Russia and Turkey. As the cost of living rises, fertiliser and food should be enabled for transport, says Mr Guterres.

Wrapping up

Russian forces in Crimea have been targeted by a fresh drone strike which the Russian governor tagged minor, by saying, there was no severe damage. The attack, which targeted the Russian black sea fleet in Crimea, at the city of Sevastopol, was shut down, says the Russia-appointed leader. Ukraine has vowed to take their city from the Russians. So, recent attacks show it may be the work of the Ukraine special agent.

The drone which was spotted in the city of Sevastopol, targeting the black sea fleet was shut down on Saturday, It is clear that the black sea fleet was targeted as a result of its location and how easy it will go. On Saturday, video footage was seen coming from Sevastopol, where the Russian black sea was established. The video has not been personally verified by BBC news.

Crimea is state-owned by Ukraine before an attack was launched by the Russians, which led them to take over. Attacks are seen spotting Crimea and the Russian black sea fleet.

It is in a sincere hope, that this action posed doesn’t lead to imminent war, although, the United Nations gave a warning as to any rise of war. The united nations secretary watched a grain ship going to Africa and he said, there will be a relief of hunger for those suffering.

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