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Tom Platz

Tom Platz – According to Wikipedia, Tom Platz who is known as the American bodybuilder Thomas Steven Platz is now retired from the sport. He was famed for having legs that were over 30 inches long in their heyday, garnering him the moniker “The Quadfather.” Platz was the World Bodybuilding Federation’s brief-lived director of talent development.

Famous in the world of bodybuilding, Tom Platz is also known as the Golden Eagle, Quad Father, and Quadzilla. He is also well-known for his amazing legs and for having a successful career as a professor and corporate director. A photo of Dave Draper and Betty Weider on the beach motivated him to start lifting weights and growing muscle. Dave, who had an extraordinarily muscular and toned body, was clutching the Weider Crusher.

Tom Platz was struck by this image, which lingered in his head and set in motion events that would change his life forever. Since he was 9 years old, Tom has devoted his life to fitness. He caught the bug and didn’t turn around again. He’s one of the most in-demand speakers in the bodybuilding profession and has competed for many years.


Tom Platz’s childhood and education

Tom Platz was inspired to start exercising at a very young age. When he watched Dave Draper and Betty Weider relaxing on the beach, when he was just nine years old, the image stuck in his memory, and he made the decision to start exercising. When he was 11 years old, he read about Mr Universe in a magazine and made a pledge to himself that he would one day hold the title. As he was still too young to go to the gym, he performed his weightlifting exercises in the basement of his home, where his father provided him with everything he needed.

Tom Platz
Tom Platz

Tom Platz hasn’t provided any information about his parents, but he frequently remembers how supportive and helpful they were to his aspirations. Tom didn’t work on his legs because he had back issues; he told his pals that doing so would just lead to back issues. However, he had no idea that one day he would have some of the best-built legs in bodybuilding history.

Tom Platz hasn’t confirmed the rumours that he dated a lot of girls while he was a high school student. After graduating from high school, he completely focused on his bodybuilding career and did not enrol in college right away. Instead, he did so later and eventually earned a degree in fitness science from Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan. He then went on to earn a master’s degree in business administration from the University of California.

Dieting and exercise

Tom Platz created his own exercise method, which he kept a secret from the public until he gave up competing. He even wore longer socks to test the theory. His plan was to make himself seem much shorter than he actually was in order to lift more weight. Squats, hack squats, leg extensions, lying leg curls, standing calf raises, seated calf raises, and hack machine calf raises are a few of the leg workouts he performed most frequently.

Tom Platz ate more than six times a day and consumed a lot of protein and carbohydrates in his diet. His staple foods were whole grain toast, milk, eggs, salad, veggies, poultry, fish, and fruits.

But since raw force won’t cut it, Tom devised a number of really clever ruses to get his mind to expand and push over the limits. He remembers devising a method to make himself appear much shorter than he actually was in order to lift more weight off the bar. According to the logic behind seeming shorter to lift more weight, you’re more likely to lift more weight if you believe you’re shorter. Tom had this line of thought.

Wearing long socks was one of his techniques to make himself believe he was shorter so he could lift more weight. It’s debatable whether or not this will work for anyone else, but we can’t contest what Tom accomplished with his enormous steel legs.

Tom Platz’s hobbies and passions

When he was participating in bodybuilding, Tom was primarily interested in working out, but today, he has a wide range of interests that have nothing to do with working out. Tom and his wife, who share a love of travel, have made the decision to spend their retirement years travelling the world.

They have already visited Africa and want to do so again before moving on to Europe, stopping in Scandinavia along the route, and eventually arriving in Asia. They both have a strong affinity for animals and have taken part in several initiatives to promote animal habitats and the survival of endangered species.

Tom Platz developed a passion for fast automobiles in the years following his retirement from bodybuilding, and as a present to himself, he recently bought a brand-new Porsche.

How tall is Tom Platz The bodybuilder?

He is 5 feet 7 inches (1.72.5m) tall (102.1 – 106.6kg). And weighs between 225 and 235 lbs

Tom Platz
Tom Platz

How did his career go?

Examining Tom’s almost 14-year career as a bodybuilder, lecturer, and director of a renowned corporation. We can see that Tom Platz has put a lot of effort into turning his love into a full-time career every year from that initial moment when he was just 9 years old. Tom holds master’s degrees in fitness science and business administration from the University of California. He also holds bachelor’s degrees in physiology and nutrition from Wayne State University and Michigan State University.

In 1973, he began taking the Mr Adonis competition seriously. Before winning the middleweight division of the 1978 World Amateur Championships, he continued to compete as an amateur for an additional 5 years. He travelled to California in 1978, shortly after receiving his degree, with just $50 in his pocket and the ambition to become famous and take home the Olympia.

Tom Platz competed for nine years and had a successful career. Despite being one of the top players in his league, Tom never finished first and won the championship. He did, however, place highly in many of his contests, and he was successful in taking third in 1981. Tom Platz announced his retirement from competitive bodybuilding after taking one final bow in front of the audience.

Did Tom Platz ever win Mr Olympia?

Tom Platz was renowned for having the most magnificent legs the sport of bodybuilding had ever seen, despite the fact that he never took home the Mr Olympia trophy.

Franco Columbo, the champion from 1976, should not have received his second Mr O title, according to Olympia. According to some, the winner should have been Chris Dickerson (second), Tom Platz (third), or Danny Padilla (fifth). In actuality, Tom Platz was that year’s winner.

What competitions did Tom Platz win?

Below are a few of the competitions Tom Platz engaged in;
He finished second in the short class and earned best legs, but he was also chosen to compete in the World Amateur Championships in Acapulco, where he won the middleweight division and received his professional card. He finished second in the short class and earned the best legs, but he was also chosen to compete in the Acapulco World Amateur Championships.

Tom Platz’s net worth?

His entire net worth is projected to be over $14 million USD as of 2022. Since he used to teach bodybuilding courses and wrote numerous books about a healthy diet and bodybuilding, the majority of his income came from the bodybuilding industry. In addition to all of that, Tom Platz is a brilliant investor and businessman. Through his investments in many little and large business enterprises, he makes extremely good money. He is a generous and down-to-earth individual who values giving and sharing.

Tom Platz
Tom Platz

Tom Platz’s wife?

Her name is Cha Nikito. It is unknown if they have children; the couple is Christian. They were wed in 2000. They live in Scottsdale, Arizona, where they put a greater emphasis on retirement and other charitable and educational endeavours. They frequently travel together, and he is rumoured to indulge her with an opulent lifestyle made possible by the wealth he accumulated during his lifetime. He keeps going to the gym, but he doesn’t give it as much of a commitment as he formerly did. His wife enjoys going to the gym frequently in order to stay in shape.

What does Tom Platz do now?

Tom Platz still exercises regularly and teaches seminars on leg growth and bodybuilding today. He demonstrated in a recent Instagram photo that he is still receiving the rewards of a balanced diet and regular exercise. He now works as a consultant for all individuals who are interested in bodybuilding rather than competing. In a way, Tom Platz never really quit playing. At least, not in his heart. In 1986, after his streak of Olympia performances came to an end, he began working as a corporate recruiter, a job he loved. He would occasionally attend one or two competitions, but he spent years keeping occupied outside of the bodybuilding spotlight.


It is obvious that Tom Platz was hooked by his idols in the bodybuilding scene at a young age; he ventured out into the world and seized what he desired. Despite having excellent genetics, he ultimately achieved his success via hard effort. He exerted a lot of effort and made everything with his tenacity, desire, and sweat.

Tom Platz achieved success not just as a bodybuilder but also as a professor and the director of one of the top sports organisations in America. He credits bodybuilding and consistent gym training for everything he has accomplished. Tom became well-known due to his proactive planning, goal-setting, and genuine passion for what he “liked.” You too can succeed if you put the same enthusiasm into what you do and work hard to complete your goals.

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