Tinubu will get votes from Cross River State


Tinubu will get votes from Cross River says, Dr Edu. As the 2023 election draws near, the women leader of APC says Tinubu will get more votes in Cross River State.

This is an assured statement from Dr Edu during the town hall meeting at Calabar which is broadcasted by Mrs Ginka. The Calabrians are involved fully in the electioneering campaign making sure Tinubu becomes the president of the country.

The Calabar people fully support Tinubu for the 2023 coming election, this statement was made by Edu. Mrs Ginka is described as a tycoon who will stop at nothing to ensure the success of whatever she embarks on. This statement was made by Hon. Igo Okparanma while describing Mrs Ginka.

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Hon Igo continued by imploring individuals to continue to support Tinubu, he is an assurance of good governance. Hon Atangba gives a clear statement as to why the people need Tinubu to be the president. He credited him due to his performance while he was in Lagos state as a governor. The role he played during his reign is undoubtedly the best, Tinubu’s tenure will bring equality into the system.

Nigerians need a person that will cater for them and at the same time cherish them, an opening into the current Nigerian economy gives a direct optimisation of the failure of the present government. We pray for a good country, a better one.

Tinubu will get a vote from Cross River: General check on his previous performance

Tinubu is presented as a presidential candidate that is going to scale the ladder up to the highest maximum. Show me a country that prospers without a good leader. Hon Igo presented him as a good candidate seeing what he has done previously. This marks how good he is in leadership, he highly demonstrated his skilled prowess when he was the governor of Lagos state. Hon Igo said he is the best candidate for all and he will need the maximum support of the masses.

Looking at Tinubu’s age, we ain’t sure if his body is ready to shoulder responsibilities because his age can’t allow him to move the country forward even though he has the acumen. Tinubu is fully supported in Calabar because of his daunted ability and unwavering loyalty. When he speaks during his campaign, a level of transparency is seen within the context of his words. He analysed the issue of insecurity and how he is planning to curb it.

Although most of his words are played on by the masses, truth be told, he has the strategy to toll the country forward. Tinubu before now is known as a builder of wealth, although he can’t be trusted as the masses don’t know what he is up to.

Regardless, it is evident that he wants to have presidential power but he is not in for the money. Tinubu’s wealth is ready to feed him for years before he goes to the land beyond. Primarily, Hon Igo vouched and supported him, he wants to see you do that too. A typical scale on Tinubu shows how industrious he could be for the year 2023 general election.

The people believed this election is going to be a bubble that shocked the people, many people is craving for how sweet it will be. In an honest claim, Tinubu said if he doesn’t win, that he has done his best.
With this statement, he is willing to do his best to get what he wants but he will never do things that will go way to hurt the people. Choosing the right candidate for the presidency is primal, historical playback should be put in place.

Wrapping up

The people of Calabar give full support to Tinubu because of the landmark he set in his previous governance. With the support given to him, it is stated that he will get more votes in Cross River State. Mr Edu gave a clear go-ahead to Tinubu as he gives him his full support.

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