The Ultimate Guide On How to Change IG Username

How to Change IG Username
Updated Guide On How to Change IG Username – Your Instagram profile’s key component is also your username. It can not only give a general idea of what you want to convey with your feed, but it can also be the quickest approach to point someone toward your account if you want to display your photos. But what really happens if you wish to change it? Whether it’s because you’ve outgrown your current handle or you simply want a new label. To learn all that you need to know on how to change IG username, keep reading.
Since the username serves as the account’s primary means of identification, many social media networks won’t let you modify it after you’ve created the account. You don’t have to use the name your parents gave you on social networking. You probably visited this post to discover how to change IG username, but you’re also probably wondering if doing so will have any effects on your account. We’ll cover all you need to know about modifying your name on Instagram in this guide.
It, therefore, comes as a bit of a surprise that Instagram allows you to modify it whenever you want. You can change your username and display name from your PC, an Android or iPhone mobile app, or a web browser on your computer. Instagram will let you know if the username you want isn’t accessible if it’s currently in use by someone else. Until you select a unique username, you cannot save your modifications.
How to Change IG Username
You are able to easily change your name whenever you want on Instagram. You must first be aware of a few things regarding the social media app’s account settings. Your username and your display name are essentially the two ways that Instagram uses to identify you and your account.
When you initially create an Instagram account, you choose a username. Every post you publish, every comment you make, every like you give, as well as every direct message you send will have it displayed over it. Additionally, it is visible in the upper centre of your profile.
If you feel like trying out a new name, changing your Instagram display name is a great way to do so because it has no impact on your account whatsoever. There’s a valid reason to be cautious, but changing your Instagram handle could have some drawbacks.

What happens when you change your Instagram username?

If you’re still debating changing your Instagram name, your hesitation may be stemming from a fear of the unknown. What actually occurs when you update your Instagram username in terms of your profile and your followers? The profile you have been promoting and linked to will virtually disappear when you change your username. Your former username will appear as User Not Found on every post, comment, or like that it is tagged in.
How to Change IG Username
Your profile’s URL also contains your username. Therefore, it won’t appear when you search for your profile on your desktop. Instead of being taken to your profile, you’ll be taken to a page that reads, “Sorry, this page isn’t accessible.” You may have followed a broken link, or the page may no longer exist.”

How to Change IG Username

You’ll be pleased to learn that it’s relatively simple to change your name on Instagram if, despite all of the risks, you decide to do so. And keep in mind that you have 14 days to change it back if you lose any followers or experience decreased interaction rates after changing your username.

Here’s how to change your IG username:
1. Go to your profile
2. Click the Edit Profile button located next to your profile photo
3. Click your username
4. After clearing your previous username with the button on the far right, enter your new one
5. In the top right corner, select done

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