The current price of BLU smartphones

BLU smartphone

BLU smartphone’s price range within its product series. Guide your thoughts towards a perfect smartphone with its original price. It is evident that BLU smartphones have become popular in America, Central America, Latin America and all of the Caribbean.

The BLU smartphone is credited as the best of its kind, statistics have it that in 2009, it sold 70,000 units in its first year. The brand became so popular because of the activeness of its product. BLU released a phone in September 2013 and it costs only 6 dollars.

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This is a marketing strategy implored to quickly ransack their product to the end consumer.
Phones generally are credited for the latest technology and advancement implored in them. Visit a company that produces phones and show me how they have managed resources so well. Marketing is one of the things a business must hold to enable fast sales.

The BLU smartphone ranged and its brand became the official sponsor of the Spanish football club (Valencia FC). The company have created different series of smartphones worthy of use by the people. The BLU smartphone released its C series with a long-lasting battery of 4000mAh, an 8mp camera and high definition resolution. Show me a phone that has no resolution and I would share with you a phone that picks a high-definition resolution.

The Blu smartphone is as cheap as anything but it has a lot of horsepower. A quick drop of information on the Advance series released by the company. The Advance series is a low-end device that has a 4.0 screen. This phone is good and superb, a proper gaze at it gives a sign that it is meant for the period it was released.

The BLU smartphones did not stop at the last series but released another series called the dash series. This phone is a low and mid-range device which was released in 2013. When this series was released it was staged to sell at $50. This price is very reasonable for possession of a good phone. The energy series entered the stage and it was categorised as a mod and high-end device with a big battery.

BLU smartphone

The grand series can but be explained that it is a low-end device. This series has a processor of MT6580. The phones in this series are produced big. A clear sigh at another series called life series which is categorised as high-end devices. At its production, it contains fingerprint sensors, a high phone processor and 2k screens. The Blu smartphone did not put an end to the series but moved on to the NEO series which is categorised as low – mid-range devices. These production series are generally big except for NEO 3.5.

Another stunning phone was released which brings a lot of people buying to buy it. This series is called the Tank Xtreme series which has a dust-resistant ability and then is characterised by water. The BLU smartphone did not stop here when the owner of Amazon partnered with the company launching R1HD at 50 dollars.

The BLU went on in its quest for the creation and created the S series which was released in 2017. The phone is compatible with CDMA carriers and Sprint.

The BLU creation series are numerous and fantastic. Their technological advancement can’t be compared to trash, it is lovely and admiring. Individuals on the sight of their achievements can’t but congratulate them.
A quick on this BLU smartphone has it that it is the first 5G phone created by the company. This series of phones is called the F series, it is regarded as a mid-range phone created in 2022.

A hinge on a 5G phone gives a clear signal of how fast the network could be. Leaving this circle behind, let us look at the BLU smartphone’s best prices.

BLU smartphone prices

  • BLU J6S – $69
  • BLU S91 pro – $158
  • BLU BOLD N2 – $219
  • BLU S91 – $149
  • BLU G40 – $69
  • BLU G51 – $88
  • BLU G61s – $139
  • BLU G50 MEGA 2022 – $129
  • BLU F91 5G – $299
  • BLU G91 MAX – $229
  • BLU G71L – $137
  • BLU G71+ – $157

Wrapping up

Listed above are the best BLU smartphone prices. The phone is highly cheap and affordable even with its latest updates, the company is highly considerate and they are good with their market promotion. With the latest advent of the money, they have been able to make a name for themselves and sell a lot of their products, BLU smartphones are highly recommended for users.

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